View Full Version : Pursuing 'caught' enemy unit - direction of pursuit.

Wilhelm das Blutige
04-08-2013, 00:07
If an enemy unit breaks and the pursuer catches the fleeing unit, the fleeing unit is destroyed where it stands.

The pursuers surge forward, cutting down stragglers etc according to their pursuit roll.

The question is this:

If the pursuing unit was in the flank of the fleeing unit, does it surge forward according to where the unit was when it was destroyed, thus causing the pursuers to move near enough straight forwards, or do they pivot and pursue towards where the unit would have ended up if it had manage to flee?

Lord Inquisitor
04-08-2013, 00:58
Good question!

The rules are really wonky because it says the fleeing unit is destroyed before they get to flee.

We've struggled with this question and our solution was to work out where the final position of the unit would be if it escaped and make the pursuit towards that point. However, this is not strictly speaking the letter of the rule, which can throw up some bizarre situations.

04-08-2013, 08:06
I've always played it as they surge forward to where the enemy would have fled to