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04-08-2013, 20:09
So I was looking into what it would cost to put together an Ogre army and I ended up making a couple of different lists. !!!The first list I had wanted to have a Hunter on a Stonehorn, but I would have needed a 2800 point army to be able to do that and have a Slaughtermaster too. So I dropped the hunter and shifted the Stonehorn to the Rare slot.!!! --Thanks for the reminder Disciple. I had Hunter under Lords by mistake. Editing the first list back to that.

Then I went back later and tried to decide what could be a growable army and still keep the costs reasonable. So I designed an army for 1000 points, then what I would add to make it 1500 and finally 2500 points. Curious if the growable list is better than the first one or just as good, just setup a bit different.

List 1 (2500 Points)
To buy:
2 Battalions $220.00
1 Stonehorn/Thundertusk $57.75
2 Ironblaster $66.00
2 Mournfang Cavalry $72.50
Hunter $38
Slaughtermaster $40.00
Total: $494.25

Core: 704
12 Ogres 360
8 Ironguts 344

Lords: 288
Slaughtermaster [General] 288 L4, Ironfist

Heroes: 528
Bruiser [BSB] 138 Ironfist, Heavy Armor
Hunter w/Harpoon Gun on Stonehorn 390

Specials: 584
8 Leadbelchers 344
4 Mournfang Cavalry 240

Rare: 340
Ironblaster 340

Total Points: 2444

List 2 (growable 1000, 1500, 2500 Points)

1 Battalion $110.00
1 Leadbelcher $40.00
2 Mournfang Cavalry $72.50
2 Ironblasters $66.00
Slaughtermaster $40.00
Firebelly $40.00
Tyrant $40.00
Pirate Maneater $24.75
Total Cost: $433.25

1000 Points: ($174.75 initial purchase)

Firebelly [General] 155 L2
Bruiser [BSB] 140 Single Pistol, Heavy Armor (Pirate Maneater as Bruiser)
6 Ogres 222 Ironfists Full Command
6 Ironguts 288 Full Command
4 Leadbelchers 192 Thunderfist, Bellower
Total Points: 997

1500 Points Add: ($73 additional purchase)

Slaughtermaster [General] 288 L4 Ironfist
Ironblaster 170
Total Points: 458

2500 Points Add: ($185.50 additional purchase)

Tyrant [General] 220 Ironfist, Heavy Armor
Ironblaster 170
4 Leadbelchers 192 Thunderfist, Bellower
4 Mournfang Cavalry 328 Heavy Armor, Great Weapon, Full Command, Brace of Pistols
Total Points: 910

Comparing the 2 final army lists at 2500 points. The growable list trades 6 Ogres, 2 Ironguts, and a Stonehorn for a Tyrant, 2nd Ironblaster and a Firebelly.

Disciple of Caliban
04-08-2013, 21:58
Stick to your original plan, and go monster heavy. To help you out with that, the hunter on stonehorn is a hero, whereas the slaughtermaster is a lord, so you can field them both in a 1600pts list (technically 1280 pts if you give your hunter no upgrades other than a stonehorn) :)

The French Guy
04-08-2013, 22:54
I like your first plan. I did more or less the same, painting a box before buying another one.
Here is what I did:

I bought:

2 battalions
2 mournfangs
2 ironblasters
a stonehorn
a box of chaos hounds (sabretusks)

With that I can now play easely at 3 000pts, and have a lot to play with.

05-08-2013, 01:07
The only issue w/the initial plan is more money all at once or at least before I have the army I want. The second list gives me what I think is an all right army at each of those point levels. I could possibly try dropping a pair of the Ogres and Ironguts and fitting that first Ironblaster into the 1k level. I like the look of both armies. Honestly it was the Stonehorn/Thundertusk that I had started pondering about in the first place and I can't do the Hunter/Stonehorn trick in the "build as I go" list at 2500 points if I still want to have both the Bruiser and Firebelly. Both lists feel like they have a lot of beef in them, it's really more a matter of how much money to lay out when heh. I'm between jobs and plotting and debating between armies still too. Skaven was my original plan, but painting isn't my strong suit and the number of models is intimidating. I LOVE how a fully painted horde of Skaven looks on the table tho. Lower model counts ideas have made me consider armies like OK and WoC tho. In the end I will own whatever my wife will let me get away with heh.

Another Battalion or 2 down the line and maybe a box of Gnoblars and some Trappers and I'd be pretty well set for OK. At least until a new edition and more cool units came out. Or I decided I needed a Thundertusk too. Or.... :)

And maybe a couple of Scraplaunchers... heh