View Full Version : 1200pt Tournament Lizardmen

05-08-2013, 01:57
Hi everyone, I'm playing in my first WHFB tournament soon. I'll be using the new Lizardmen Army Book. I have a number of painted models, and would like your help to build a competitive 1200 point list. Here's what I have got:

24 Skinks with blowpipe
48 Skinks with javelin and shield
40 Saurus with spears with two Full Commands
30 Temple Guard with two Full Commands
16 Cold One Cavalry with spears with two Full Commands
4 Terradons with javelins
1 Stegadon with Engine of the Gods or Giant Bow (magnetised)
1 Slann Mage-Priest
2 Salamander Hunting packs
6 Kroxigor

All suggestions welcome! :D