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The bearded one
06-08-2013, 05:20
This will probably be my basic LM list for at least the foreseeable future, barring small changes. Most of these models are in here because I've painted them up and I'm happy with them and want to continue using them. But the Troglodon? He's primarily in here because I preordered the carnosaur (but found the carnosaur too fragile to actually fight targets its D3 wounds multiplier would excel against) and didn't want to waste all that money right from the get-go.

Without further ado;

Slann; Lord Tehe'xa'qua of Huatl
BSB, channeling staff
Soul of stone, becalming cogitations, harmonic convergence, focus of mystery
(lvl4 high magic)

Skink priest Tik'qe'tok
dispel scroll
(lvl1 lore of heavens)

Scar veteran Loq'Gar
Light armour, great weapon
Sacred stegadon helm, ironcurse icon, dragonbane gem

29 saurus
Full command

10 skink skirmishers
javelins & shields

10 skink skirmishers
javelins & shields

10 skink skirmishers

10 skinks (cohort. Bunker for the priest and potentially the slann)

29 Templeguard
Full command

5 chameleon skinks

5 chameleon skinks

Ancient Stegadon
Sharpened horns
Unstoppable stampede

Salamander hunting pack



If there's anything I would change, it'd probably be dumping the troglodon for another salamander and a unit of terradons, but I don't want to waste the troglodon I bought (at least not right away).

06-08-2013, 05:36
I'm going to agree with your side note; I just can't see the Trog EVER doing anything worth 2000 points. If you drop it and 4 temple guard you could get another ancient steg, just a thought. Everything else looks solid though.

06-08-2013, 06:22
Heck, if you were playing at our local club, we'd all just let you play the trog as a steg, but I'm curious what you will think of it after you play it a couple of times. So the slann hangs out on the side of the skink unit? What do you do to protect him from fliers or fast cav that might get past the saurus?

The bearded one
06-08-2013, 14:07
Fliers and fast cav? Mhm.. cry and beg them to go away most likely. Depending on what kind of unit it is (a bunch of wolfriders or harpies or the like) the skinks can in fact kill them in combat, but most things I either need to block from having any room to charge them, or prevent them from going near altogether by shooting them with skinks or blasting them to ruin with my slann.

I fully expect the Troglodon will find the shelf in due time, but I want to see if I can make any use of him before I do, or if I can convince people to go to 2500pts instead (we primarily keep tournament sizes in mind when building lists, and 2400 is the common GT size).

Spiney Norman
06-08-2013, 14:20
Don't waste your troglodon, convert a scar vet rider and run him as a carnosaur ;)

I would dump the skink cohort for another unit of skirmishers, the priest will have much greater flexibility of movement and the unit will be slightly more resilient with that -1 to hit, you really cant afford to lose him because he is the only thing that can make the saurus behave themselves.