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06-08-2013, 08:30
Hello my fellow warseers

Been playing dawi for 2 months now & am going to my 1st tournament at the end of August so need a bit of c&c

Now i dont expect to win much but want a strongest list i can take with the mini's i have actually painted so i can enjoy getting my Test kicked :thumbup:

So heres my list i have so far

Dwarf Lord, Shield, Shield Bearers
Preservation, Resistance, Spite, Cleaving
Total = 278pts
Lords Total = 278pts

Thane, BSB, Great Weapon
Gromril, Resistance, Preservation
Total – 159pts
Runesmith, Shield
Balance, Spell Breaking
Total = 147pts
Hero’s Total = 306pts

40 Warriors, Great Weapons, Musician, Standard, Veteran = 425pts
32 Warriors, LongBeards, Shields, Musician, Standard, Veteran = 409pts (all characters here)
Core Total = 834pts

30 Hammers, Musician, Standard, Gate Keeper, Rune Standard Grungi = 440pts
Cannon, Forging, Engineer = 140pts
Cannon, Forging, Burning, Engineer = 145pts
Grudge Thrower, Accuracy, Penetrating, Burning = 135pts
Special Total = 860pts

Organ Gun = 120pts
Rare Total = 120pts

Main Total = 2398pts

06-08-2013, 09:00
This is a good list, CC strong, so you won't have to happy corner. :) I am suprised however that at 2400 pts you're not taking the anvil. I would skip the Organs and upgrade the Smith to Runelord and Anvil. This will enable you to play even more agrresively with the CC formations. As a huge fan of the liittle guys I keep my fingers crossed for your battles.

06-08-2013, 09:36
Cheers for the c&c

I'm working on adding an anvil to my list currently but as it won't be completed and painted by the end of the month It's not an option at the moment



07-08-2013, 14:49
Too bad. The anvil is the best way to up the manouverability of the otherwise sluggish dwarfs (their achilles heel). Do you have the Gyrocopter painted? You could use it as screener/redirector. You may not care if you charge or the enemy (dwarfs are still ASL :) ) but you will really want to deny charges from your enemies at a tournament, especially those who get a charge bonus, like chariots, monsters with impact hits or Bloodletters (+1S on charge). A difference beetween taking a charge of a OK Stonehorn or you charging it may really mean a difference beetween loss or win. :)

07-08-2013, 15:05
Why spend 278 points on a Dwarf Lord who is built just to survive? You'd be better off dropping him for another block of troops (assuming you have one painted).

08-08-2013, 01:03
Unfortunately I speak from experience. Although fluffy as hell, a dwarf lord is not worth the points you invest. Better off at tournament with rune lord and then add a war machine.

09-08-2013, 08:23
What load out would people suggest for the anvil? Manged to get my hands on one yesterday dirt cheap

The tournament only allows you to take 4 war machines so adding another one isn't an option

09-08-2013, 17:45
Something along the lines of: Runelord: Gromril Armor, Anvil of Doom, Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Spellbreaking if you want to murder their Magic Phase :) or maybe with MRoB. Those are the usual builds.

As for Lord on Shieldbearers I don't agree with you guys. I find this fella great not for points denial but CC carnage: with the proper rune-tune this Lord kills verything in it's path, rank & file trops as well as very killy chracters. He is ferasome in challenge and I have usually great luck with him handing me lot's of victory points. On a tight budget indeed a Runelord may be a better choice but on 2400 pts tourney ColWayne could afford (just barely) both.