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02-06-2006, 18:16
Well, just wondering who would be interested in this. Obviously the system would use the new world of darkness background, so no sabbat, black spiral dancers, technocracy or big ass metaplot.

So who's be up for this? Obviously I'd want to know what system you would want to play, what sort of character you would go for and we'd need to have a story teller (unless we all took turns), as leaving it to one person is massively unfair.

The choices of system are:

Vampire: The requiem
Werewolf: The forsaken
Mage: The awakening
A bog standard human one (could be modified to fit hunter or changed in light of the second sight sourcebook)

for more info on the systems, try www.white-wolf.com if your a complete noob.

Some basic rules of the road:
1: Don't please try and hijack this thread into an oWoD vs NWoD thread. This game will deal mainly with the NWoD stuff.
2: Do please take part, even if you don't know much about the WoD, I will help you out.
3: Don't come into the thread and try to start an arguement for the sake of it. (Im looking at one poster in particular)
4: Crossover stuff is fine. So we don't just have to have a party of werewolves or mages, we could have a combination, however, I think in the interests of story telling, its best to limit it to at most 2 races so the third can be used as a protagonist.

So, that being said, who's interested?

*summons iron_duke*

02-06-2006, 23:15
Would love to. Been into White Wolf games for a fair while now. Have played both Masquerade and Requiem but I know the differences between the two. ;)

I'd like to be a vampire if you're allowing mixed group. I'll post my character soon. :)

General Samuel of the 101
04-06-2006, 04:50
Cool be good,i like the idea
Still thinking is i chose a Nosferatu or Ventrue Vampire
if i choose a Nosferatu it will be a Mad Guy with Big Claws
and if it Ventrue it will be a 15th century Knight that hold Knighthood and God as a way of life

04-06-2006, 14:51
and if it Ventrue it will be a 15th century Knight that hold Knighthood and God as a way of life
So, what about a Lancea Sanctum Nomad?

Im thinking I might do a Nosferatu of the Ghetsemanie bloodline as an NPC (Basically they can force stigmata on people :evilgrin: )

@ M@L@L, I look forward to seeing it.

General Samuel of the 101
04-06-2006, 17:08
I was thinking in something like a Grand Master of the Ordo Dracul
can this be done right?

05-06-2006, 00:11
Character Description: Spade is an African American male of average height and build. His hair is formed into twists which go down just past his ears. The twists are red and black. His left eye is blue and his right is green. The last part is most likely due to contact lenses.
Remember that the player can alter this field at login, so it will not be deemed to bear as much weight as the officially sanctioned parts of the sheet.

Equipment/Special Notes: [New Orleans]Knife [1L], 6 Throwing Knives/Motorbike/Wallet/Mobile Phone/Motorbike Keys

Background: Born in New Orleans in 1933, Winston was your typical run of the mill negro. Times were hard for black folk black then and it was his bad luck to be chased down by the brothers of a white woman he was having relations with. The two brothers hung Bubba from a tree, but they were no expert hang men. They left him there, swinging from the tree, unable to breathe, rather than the swift death of his neck being broken. The last thing he saw before darkness took him was a dishevelled looking black woman walking towards him. When he woke, he found that he was no longer alive, but a walking corpse damned to walk the earth feeding on the blood of the living. He continues to 'live' to this day, having taken up the role of a nu metal star in this age of reduced biggotry and open mindedness. His sire, was a Ventrue of the Malkovian bloodline and it's only a matter of time before the madness manifests within him. Considering what he's been through, pray it is a madness less violently inclined.

There you go. It's one of my characters from the White Wolf Roleplay chat. My avatar is the picture of him. :)

General Samuel of the 101
05-06-2006, 01:09
Sir Nikasar of the Lancea Santum
History:Born in Greece in the Year of our lord 1434,He Saw with his own eyes the fall of the Byzantine empire,being persecuted by the Turkish,he fled to Spain,there he was made Knight of the Order of Santiago,Later he was bitten by The Spanish Vampirress Anila Comula,becoming a vampire but never turning away from god,he now lives in the Tumuoltus city that is New Orleans.
he joining the Lancea seeking true Wisdom
Description:A Greek Noble in apearance,of Middle Stature,Long Black Hair and penetrating eyes,he dislikes Modern Clothing,so he dress in a 18th Century Fashion
Equipment:Plate Armour(he never wears,just for show),Big Zheiwander(German 2-Handed Sword),and a Colt Pistol,a bank account with over 2.1 million dollar in it

05-06-2006, 12:27
M@L@L, Very nice. With the bike, am I right in assuming Nomad? Can you fill me in on covenant and any disciplines he has? The Malkovian bloodline is in the core book isnt it?

General: Again, nice, but does your character have access to Theban sorcery? The reason I didnt say ordo dracul is that they believe Dracula was cursed by God, whereas the Lancea santum see the state of damnation as an extension of God's holy work.

Reign in Blood
05-06-2006, 12:55
I was just wondering how you intended on helping noobs? From what I have read it seems like an interesting world/system to play...but don't you need the books (considering I will probably never have access to them). Isn't it a dice roling game like D&D, hows that work?? Maybe I am too much of a lost cause and a noob to bother with. I reckon The Fallen sounded the best but you havn't got that as an option (pretty sure thats oWoD but I could be wrong, might not be WoD at all as far as I know). Anyway I am just interested and think it could be some fun...depends on how much you would want to help someone. Maybe I should just sit this one out, read what you eventually do and wait till next time (if there is one)...?? Can't hurt to ask...

05-06-2006, 14:22
Riegn in blood, best I can do is knock up basic descriptions of the vampiric state, covenants and bloodlines and so on, then anything you like the sound of, i can do in more detail for you.

Reign in Blood
05-06-2006, 14:26
I will do you one better and re-read them on wiki...then I will ask you for more detail. I think they are all on there anyway. Saves you the work.

Reign in Blood
05-06-2006, 15:35
Okay I have had a look on wiki and decided that Mekhet clan and the Ordo Dracul sound cool and go together fairly well. However there is little to nothing about bloodlines so I need some info on them. Thanks in advance.

General Samuel of the 101
05-06-2006, 19:52
Hlokk,yes i was thinking in a ordo dracul,but seeing they do not like god much,i picked Lancea Santum
and he his very strong in Theban Sorcery(he returned briefly to greece after becoming a vampire)

05-06-2006, 23:36
Sorry I forgot to note those little important details lol. He has Dominate, Obfuscate and Resilience all at level one. He's not a nomad the bike's just his mode of transport. The concept is Nu Metal Vocalist and the Malkovians are a bloodline from the core vampire book. Hope this helps. :)

P.S. Any references to him being called Spade are deliberate as that's his name within the band. :D

General Samuel of the 101
05-06-2006, 23:55
Also forgot Them
Has Majesty,Resilience and Theban Sorcery,with the Sorcery being level 2 and the other ones level 1

Reign in Blood
06-06-2006, 08:36
This may be a really stupid and irrelivant quetion but...
(Assuming you know the Underworld movies) It was mentioned in passing that those movies were based upon a rpg. It was also mentioned in passing that this particular person was downloading those books of the net (naughty). I can't remember what he called it though...so there is a chance it could be based upon this, and therefore I would be able to get a copy of the books and save everyone much hassle (unfortunately you can't buy the books here except online, which I can't do so only option really). Thanks

06-06-2006, 10:40
the Malkovians are a bloodline from the core vampire book.
Cheers, I was just dreading buying another bloodlines book. I spent the last of my student loan on the hidden and was bricking it that I'd bought the wrong one.

Reighn in blood: There was an accusation that underworld ripped off White Wolf's intellectual property (Vampires and werewolves smacking each other up), its not directly based on it.

Chances are anything thats on the net is old world of darkness, as in Masquerade, Apocalypse, Fallen and Ascention.

Reign in Blood
06-06-2006, 10:55
Reighn in blood: There was an accusation that underworld ripped off White Wolf's intellectual property (Vampires and werewolves smacking each other up), its not directly based on it.

I wouldn't be suprised if it was a rip off...***** movies though.

Chances are anything thats on the net is old world of darkness, as in Masquerade, Apocalypse, Fallen and Ascention.

I wouldn't be surprised if the new ones are on there. There are a lot of sad gits out there ready to scan, page by page, just to gip somthing. He seems to be able to get really new things though (like codices for instance) and he told me a while ago so he might have both you never know. I will give him a try as much as it pains me (i don't perticularly like the cheap bastard you see...just a little bit of a ******). If I can't get them I don't think you should bother with me to be honest...like I said in my first post I might be a bit of a lost cause. I havn't really played RPG's like this before, mainly dumbed down D&D and computer ones (such as Baldur's Gate). If you can't be bothered helping me out I can understand that.

General Samuel of the 101
10-06-2006, 05:09
So this is not death?
well,still i am planning a Dark Ages Game,Vampire to be Exact