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07-08-2013, 18:49
Hi all,

Well I'm trying to get a few "not minimum" number of units, into a 2k list...

The only Greater Daemon that would fit is the Blender but don't fancy that. I do have a GUO, but again don't think it will work...

This is for a war between friends. "I say war because its not friendly we each want to be the victor... :D

This is also my first outing with the new book, and our first game in a long time..... (before it was released)

My idea is to have one "central" block, and a flanking force.


Khorne, + 2x Lesser gifts + Abjuration

Khorne, + 2x Lesser gifts + BSB + Disipline


Letters x 36 + Full + Gleaming Pennant


Hounds x 10
Screamers x 6
Nurglings x 4


Grinder + Nurgle

Should equal 1999..... IF my Maths are correct...

The idea is the Heralds and Letters are the block, Cannon next door, with Nurgling screening Letters with scout move also.

Hounds and Screamers on the flank. (hounds look like they still hit hard, and screamers hurt against big things and ping at everything else, including machines).

The grinder would be in support or either section.

I am just not sure if the cannon and grinder should swop places as a cannon shooting down the flank is appealing.. :)

Well that's it..... let me know what you think, HELP is welcomed, alternatively I have PB's 25-30 iirc?


"likely opponents Skaven/Dark Elves/?Warriors? "

08-08-2013, 00:09
Nothing yet... Do ppl think it will stand up, or should I go hard to the scrape book? ;)

Well I guess that the list will do well?

Any advice, as I am missing Magic.... and not used artillery before, never mind artillery that can fight n charge...

Is Nurgle a good mark for the Grinder, not sure that is would benefit from Khorne to much though....?