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09-08-2013, 19:11
A while back, I put down some thoughts I had on 3 fairly different army styled for use with Bretonnians. With my other army, Lizardmen, having just recieved a new book, I'm looking to do the same with them, but having had less experience with Lizardmen than Bretonnians (3 years compared to about 15, including their older book) I'm looking for suggestions from you, the experiment public.

What I'm looking for here are workable army builds of about 2000 points (so no double Slann). Each build must play differently from each other whilst still being viable for success, each style of play being repeatable. What I am not looking for is another tactics thread of suggested combos and one time tricks. So basically I'm looking for styles of play with the Lzaedmen, be it bunkered up and firing at long range, or swift moving sledgehammer style lists, flexible cover all armies etc.

Whilst I have has less experience with Lizardmen, a few ideas spring to mind, so what I suggest is that we, as a group, try them out, see what works, and distill this down to three or four distinctly different flavours of Lizardmen. We can then share this 'best practice' with the gaming community in a one stop fashion - no reading through 100 pages of posts to get ideas, just a few paragraphs that describe the basic build of the army and how to use it.

My suggestions include -
Magic Heavy List (obviously)
Cavalry Lists (cold ones, terradons, ripperdactyls, troglodon, even stegadons etc, but overall fast moving and hard hitting)
Monster Lists (another obvious one)
Skink Lists (includes Krox, perhaps using the skink characters to maximise opportunities, like ambushing terradons, chameleons etc)
All Saurus Lists (no skinks units, but using Saurus brute force, cold ones, carnosaurs, temple guard, character heavy)

These are just off the top of my head, so other ideas would be welcome. What I would love is fir open minded gamers to tackle some of these lists against varying opponents, gauge success and point out difficulties without just saying 'this list sucks'. Prove Lizardmen can win in a variety of armies and more importantly, help others learn from your experience.

If it helps, my Bretonnian thread is here


Lets move Lizardmen forward.