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09-08-2013, 22:33
So just moved home after being away in the states for a few years, and wanted to crack out the WoC one last time, have a few months, and a bit of cash, so was looking for a somewhat competitive list that looks great. So far i have:

Chaos Lord - Juggernaught of Khorne Mark of Khorne Collar of Khorne Talisman of Preservation Obsidian Blade - 265pts

Sorcerer - Lvl 2 Dispell Scroll Enchanted Shield - 145pts

Exalted Champion - BSB Khorne Helm of Many Eyes Greatweapon - 135pts

20 Chosen Chaos Warriors - Command MoK Shields - 470pts

20 Marauders - Command Shields Light armour - 190pts

20 Marauders - Command Shields Light armour - 190pts

5 Warhounds - Vanguard - 40pts

5 Warhounds - Vanguard - 40pts

Skullcrushers - Musician/Standard Ensorcelled weapons -254pts

Chaos Knights - Khorne Ensorcelled Weapons - 270pts

Total - 1999

My local store has a huge variety of army types, and some very competitive to casual gamers, so i was trying to focus on some mobility, some seriously nasty units (skullcrushers, and chosen) and then enough troops that i will have something to feed to the meatgrinder while my lord and chosen and skullcrushers just kill everything. Sorcerer is there to be defensive, but not sure what lore i should take, was thinking metal but not sure.
So guys, tell me what you think, be honest, be harsh, or just pass through and have a look, would be appreciated

09-08-2013, 23:34
You have yourself a pretty good theme going there. I would personally choose Lore of Fire for your Mage. It would fit the whole Khorne Kill no/tricks mentality.

11-08-2013, 22:23
yeah the theme is consistent, but after trying it out, i think im going to alter the lords equipment up, anyone have any suggestions? i found out the skullcrushers are hard as nails against any infantry, but not really sure i can control the army well, as any cheap flyers, or fast cavalry lead my army around in circles, any suggestions on tactics against these set ups?

11-08-2013, 22:34
If your going to use maruaders, then combine them into a horde