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10-08-2013, 15:57
Any comments much appreciated, designed to take on all comers.

Bret Lord on barded warhorse, Virtue of Knightly Temper, Ogre Blade, Curiass of Fortune, shield

Prophetess, level 4, warhorse, dispel scroll

Damsel, level 2, Prayer Icon of Quenelles (Lore of Beasts)

Paladin, barded warhorse, BSB, Rampagers Standard, Virtue of the Impetuous Knight

8 Knights of the Realm, command, led by Prophetess

8 Knights of the Realm, command, Banner of Swiftness, led by BSB and General

9 Knights Errant, command

48 Men at Arms, command

16 Bowmen

16 Bowmen


6 Grail Knights, command, Twilight Banner

3 Pegasus Knights

10-08-2013, 23:27
Grail Knight -- that twilight Banner is kinda wasted!! those points are better spended elswhere!

Give your errants the errantry banner for some sweet strengt 6!

Bowmen work well in units of 10 as drops and chaff killers mayb 20 with banner+musician.

Keep the men at arms with prayer icon damsel!!! its AWSOME !!

Your bsb is better of with defensive gear like sword of might+gromrilgreat helm.. Those rerols matter a LOT!
Rampager standerd isnt needed.. if you like the impetuous knight + banner of swiftness combo ( i take this al the time and love it) your average charge distance is like 21/22 it won me many games getting those charges of! the standard is kinda overkill + your paladin has to many magic item alowance..

Keep it up


King Arthur
13-08-2013, 11:47
I'm sorry juicy21 I like the rampager standard on my Bsb as you can't have a gromrill great helm or a dawnstone as the virtue takes up 35pts of magic items so its the virtue or the armour save. Also I prefer the charmed shield and dawnstone rather than the gromril great helm as if he fails a LOS from a war machine he can deflect it and especially if he goes by himself (just a little better).

your paladin has to many magic item alowance.. He doesn't as the banner has no limit but then he can't take any magic items but virtues are still allowed as they aren't magic items. Otherwise I agree upon the twilight banner you may want a longer train of knights to take out more mass blocks of infantry.