View Full Version : Scroll of Shielding, how many times does it protect a unit?

10-08-2013, 18:42
Scroll of Shielding, how many times does it protect a unit? For instance against damage remain in play spells like curse of years or the RIP spell from the high elf lore. Or say one uses the scroll of shielding agaimst foot of gork- does protect the unit once, against all hits that Foot does to that unit or to all units Foot stomps on ?

10-08-2013, 18:56
Further can the scroll of shielding be used against Comet of Casandora?

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Lord Inquisitor
10-08-2013, 19:17
It does not seem to specify a limited duration, so the scroll will protect against any wounds caused by the spell against it's targets. "Targets" is a bit tricky though when it comes to spells so you can judge for yourself whether a comet "targets" units in range and whether the scroll atually means formally "spells that target" or not.

10-08-2013, 21:48
Yeah it is a hard call and no frame of reference to make a judgement.

Guess just have to agree with the opponent before the game starts

11-08-2013, 07:52
How I read it, it helps agains all curse of year's wounds from a single cast. This would include the following turns. For spell that hit multiple targets, its a bit harder to say.