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02-06-2006, 23:17
Here is my current list, its performed rather well as of late. I used to use a third regiment with a detachment(among other tweaks) instead of the flagellants and mage but as most Empire players know, fitting 3 units on a 6'x4' table can be a bit of a squeeze, leaving units frequently out of position and vulnerable, leading to easy detachment pickings. Since the unit size is rather small, I've been using the flagellants to help mire down flanks as opposed to directly seeking uber-sick units. The Griffon Standard I haven't decided upon entirely yet, I've been phasing it in and out to beef up knights, and every time its been beneficial to me. Note that I use X-bows as I was given a fully painted unit of 10 of them and 10 of gunners, and I'm a cheap (and lazy) guy.

EC@146 <in Greatswords unit>
-GW, Meteroic Iron, White Cloak

Captain@94 <in IC WWK>
-Sword of Might, Barded Warhorse, Full Plate, shield

Battle Wizard@120
-Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Battle Wizard@95
-Level 2

25 Swords@310
-Command, 12 FC Detach, Count's Troops--Griffon Banner

6 WWK@208 <Captain goes here>
-Command, IC

10 X-bows@85

10 Gunners@85

6 Pistoliers@131
-Marksman w/repeater pistol

Great Cannon@100

19 Great Swords@310 <EC goes here>
-Command, 8 FC Detach

16 Flagellants@188

My most general and preferred deployment, terrain, opposition, and frequency of seeing opponent considered, usually sees the pistolliers on the extreme left, the WWK's inside of them still on the left flank. I'll stick the x-bows inside of them, followed by the swordsmen and their detachment. To the right of the swordsmen, at the center, is usually my greatswords and elector, allowing him to pass LD onto the swords and help them kick some butt. After them to the right are the handgunners, followed by the flagellants. Artillery goes where there's a good field of fire and where I see a good shot or three. The handgunners and flagellants have been surprisingly effective at keeping my right flank locked down, they usually manage to whittle a unit or two down, then lock them up in combat. I generally have to support this side with a cannon shot or two though, just to keep things even. Handgunners make great flanking troops in support of flagellants. The Greatswords generally perform well and their detachment is rarely targetted, as most opponents can't think beyond WS4 S5 5A + elector. The swords, with the griffon banner and good melee save, as well as goodly numbers, can stuff up most units. Their personal best was routing a unit of ironbreakers 16 strong with no detachment support, and they are probably my most reliable unit. On the left, the calvary usually go about a 3/4 move the first turn so they don't extend ahead of the line too far and get flanked to pieces on a bad charge, then go about their business. The Captain adds a fair bit of extra punch, and IC WWK's can hold their own quite well. I'd like to squeeze in the Banner of Ulric on them, but I'm not sure what to drop there, and for that matter, I've spent enough on magical things. The mages, saving perhaps against Lizards and Tzeentch can hold their own quite well, sometimes even do great against some armies(second sign+smart dispelling can really screw up Vampires BTW).

03-06-2006, 02:37
Iīm not that familiar with those beardy humen, but IMO you waste your points, if you use 2 mages level 2 in a 2000 pts. army.
What are those 6 dice good for? I donīt think you can really threaten your opponent with your magic, and, at the same time, your army is vulnerable to magic (missiles) - as you got only 1 scroll.
So either degrade your mages to level 1 and buy them 2 dispel scrolls each, or build some devastating magic power by taking a level 4.

Just my 2 cents. Oh, and donīt waste your points for champions, those little archers donīt needīem anyway. You could spend these points for some huntsmen, for example - always nice to have something to harass the enemy and to threaten his warmachine crews. :D

05-06-2006, 08:09
instead of marksmen on your shooting units take a musician instead in case the flee so that they can rally easyer.

05-06-2006, 08:46
I really like and prefer that idea, happen to know of any easy conversions to get the idiots to sprout drums?

As far as the mages go, I typically run both as celestial and opt for 2nd sign on both, as 2d3 rerolls per turn can be downright sick, and can really surprise the crap out of everyone. I'll usually get at least one damage spell as well, and between the rerolls there and with other units, I tend to do a bit more damage. I've ended up pulling off a successful challenge against a Blood Dragon count with my lord because of the rerolls(!!!).