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12-08-2013, 01:56
Just had a couple of questions about OnG and fantasy in general.

first, if a unit of ogres charges a unit and a fanatic ends up blocking the charger so that they can still make contact avoiding the fanatic, however only 1 model is in base contact leaving the other 3 ogres hanging off the side out of base to base contact, is the ogre unit still forced to maximise which would then cause it to take the hits from the fanatic?

next, with a doom diver if I roll the d6 to redirect his flight and for example roll a 6, does this allow me to redirect up to 6" (say 2" to land on a unit) or is it I move the full 6" even if it would take me past the unit I wish to hit?

next, a giants yell and ball states only models in base contact who haven't attacked lose their attacks for the round, so am I correct in thinking if there is 2 unit in the combat it's possible for the giant to yell and ball first before the enemy attacks, and the enemy to still attack the second unit say killing 10 night goblins, but regardless of what they kill you already know the combat result from the giants yell and bawl?

also if a giant thumps with club and the model passes it's initiative test to dodge, does that mean i do not roll the 2d6 wound and so there's no chance of the club being embedded in the ground?

and if a ogre casts an irresistible spell at what point does the lore attribute heal him? If he has 0 wounds but takes one from a miscast hit would his lore attribute happen last to heal that or would it resolve with the spell going off before the miscast result occurs?

finally, am i correct in thinking trolls can vomit every turn if they wish?

Thanks in advance for any help

12-08-2013, 11:23
1. The Ogres must maximize. This is because the Fanatic does not block their movement: The Ogres would be blocked by most other units, for example by a single Goblin Shaman in place of the Fanatic.

2. Redirect up to the dice rolled in any direction.

3. Yell and Bawl affects the Giant and the units in contact with the Giant. Other units are not affected and can fight, though the overall combat result is still resolved according to the rules for Yell and Bawl.

4. You do not roll for damage if the Giant misses, so there is no chance of getting stuck.

5. First resolve the spell, including the effects of the Lore Attribute. Then roll on the Miscast table and apply the results.

6. Choose each turn whether or not to use the Vomit attack. There is no limit on how often you may use it.


Lord Solar Plexus
12-08-2013, 11:40
3. Yell and Bawl affects models in base contact with the Giant I understand, not units. Models making supporting attacks are therefore not affected.

12-08-2013, 12:38
2. Redirect the full D6. (up to was in last book).

12-08-2013, 23:02
thanks guys, looks like I played them all correctly except for the ogre miscast lore attribute. I also misread the magic mushroom rules in game, i knew them correctly but when I double checked in game I only skimmed and saw the wound on 1-3 but missed the roll of a 1 first so I was taking wounds any time i rolled a 1-3 lol. One of my shamans blew up after casting 2 spells.

12-08-2013, 23:30
\ One of my shamans blew up after casting 2 spells.
This happens to me every 4th game.

13-08-2013, 01:03
This happens to me every 4th game.

I expected it a bit but I played it as on a 1-3 I took a wound rather than on a 1, then a 1-3