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Anything But
12-08-2013, 03:42
I'm Returning to the game after a couple of years out and faniced a tough close combat army as i'd played more shooting orientated Elves and Empire in the past, and settled on Ogres or WoC.

After reading the battle reports and forums for inspiration I enjoyed the reports Lord Inquisitor had on his OK at a 2400pt tourney and wondered if I could adapt the list for 2000pts as this is the point size my local club plays a lot (most of them think 2,400pts leaves no tough choices on unit selection and gives every army the opportunity to play with all its overpowered 'toys' leading to some horrendous lists to play against even at friendlies)

Im sure ill have a 2,400 point list too but I will need a 2,000 list to easily get games at the club.

Anyone who has read LI's report will see its basically the same list only trimmed down. There is no comp per say but I like the idea of not throwing all of the strong 'go to' choices and items in one list so others can enjoy to face the army.

Tyrant - 275pts
- Heavy Armour
- Enchanted Shield
- Giantbreaker Big Name
- Sword of Striking
- The other Tricksters Shard (love this item)

Bruiser (BSB) - 201pts
- Heavy Armour, Great Weapon
- Rune Maw

Butcher (level 2) - 170pts
- Lore of the Great Maw
- Crown of Command

Butcher (level 1) - 125pts
- Lore of the Great Maw
- Dispel Scroll

3 Ogres - 106pts
- Bellower, Ironfists

8 Ironguts - 394pts
- Full Command
- Banner of Swiftness
- 1 Lookout Knobler

1 Sabertusk - 21pts

1 Sabertusk - 21pts

3 Mournfang Cav - 235pts
- Heavy Armour, Ironfists
- Bellower, Standard Bearer
- Gleaming Pandant

4 Maneaters - 287pts
- Bellower, Standard Bearer
- 4 x Brace of Ogre Pistols
- Standard of eternal flame
- Poison + Scout(or swiftstride)

1 Ironblaster - 170pts

TOTAL - 2000pts

I know lots of people prefer the slaughter master Lord choice but I just prefer the combat nature of a tooled up tyrant. I have a couple of butchers for augmenting my units and the rune maw + dispel should offer enough magic defence for most scenarios.

I wonder what peoples opinions on the maneater and mournfang unit sizes are? I could change them round and have 4 Mournfang and 3 Maneaters but three maneaters seems a very flimsy unit given its low defence and id like them to live long enough to fire off a round of flaming pistol shots auto wounding with poison to trim some regen for my blaster!

Id like to think the premise would work on a 2,000pts scale too. Do people think it would be a strong army or have I hampered myself by trying to stick too closely to LI's list that was written for 2.400?

The Warrior Vault
23-08-2013, 21:06
I have played ogres i like your list the only thing i would change is i would have the level 2 caster be of the lore of beasts i thing it goes really well with ogres. wildform will be amazing every time the only other thing is you dont have many model/wounds on the table with a kitted out tyrant, you may be better off with another bruiser for combat 2k is rather low for ogres

23-08-2013, 22:46
I like your army list. Some nice stuff there. I would echo Warrior Vault's sentiments regarding the lore choices. I feel ogres really benefit from Beasts. Wyssans wildform is pure profit and pretty much everything else other than final transformation is useful. I would either go for a level 2 with Gruts sickle and a level 4 with a scroll and crown of command. Give the level 4 beasts and the level 2 maw. Your casting is pretty weak in that list and will get pwned by pretty much everything. Gruts sickle on the level 2 makes sure you get two +4 casters, which can really make a magic phase!

I suggest giving the maneaters poison and sniper..... cheesy but damn it works. Suddenly your opponent poops his pants at the thought of his characters being ganked from under him - especially wizards. I guess you're using the unit of 3 ogres as chaff? Might i suggest lead belchers? bit more expensive but they can anti chaff nicely. As a core i run this kind of setup:

Level 4 slaughtermaster - crown of command, scroll (or hell heart if my flat mate decides he's going full gouder cheese list) - Lore of Beasts

BSB - great weapon

level 2 butcher - gruts sickle, great weapon

2 x sabre tusks

3 mournfang - heavy armour and iron fists (like the gleaming penant, gonna steal that)

3x lead belchers


as many ironguts as i can fit in

Maneaters are nice for sniping out characters, which can be relatively easy to get rid of at 2K as there isnt the points for uber defense

24-08-2013, 21:13
I don't have a 2K list. I had tried making an expandable Ogre list one day at 1k, 1500 and 2500, something I could minimize starting costs for the army but still have a decent force at different levels as I went. Here is what I had at 1500 and then what I added to make 2500. Firebelly was general at 1k, then Slaughtermaster at 1500 and Tyrant at 2500.

Slaughtermaster [General] 288 L4 Ironfist
Bruiser [BSB] 140 Single Pistol, Heavy Armor
Firebelly 155 L2
6 Ogres 222 Ironfists Full Command
6 Ironguts 288 Full Command
4 Leadbelchers 192 Thunderfist, Bellower
Ironblaster 170
1455 Points

Tyrant [General] 220 Ironfist, Heavy Armor
Ironblaster 170
4 Leadbelchers 192 Thunderfist, Bellower
4 Mournfang Cavalry 328 Heavy Armor, Ironfists, Full Command, Brace of Pistols
910 Points

For 2000 from this list I would probably swap the Firebelly for the Tyrant, add the 4 Cavalry and magic items as needed. A Sabertusk or 2 would be good to fill out the corners.

25-08-2013, 15:43
I say keep the tyrant. You really only need lvl 2s for magic and the one time your slaughtermaster general get cascaded into the void off of 2 dice in turn 1....you'll kick yourself. I also agree with one of the above posters about switching to one of the lvl 2s to beasts, however, dont discount heavens. The sig spell is wonderful and much easier to cast than wildform. Also, the games you get harmonic off on the tyrants unit....watch things evaporate! I may also drop the maneaters down to 3 and put immune to psyche on them. This way, you don't have a ton of points dropped into them and they are guarrenteed not to panic away so you'll get your shots.