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12-08-2013, 21:52
So i have never played Warhammer fantasy befor i have only played 40k, so this is my first attempt to build a list

1000pts Bestmen raide party


Wargore 85pts
Heavy armour
Great weapon
Gnarled hide
Limberd up

Gor herd 20 models
Full comand squad
additional hand-weapons

Gor herd 20 models
Full comand squad
additional hand-weapons

ungor herd 30 models

Ungor raiders 8 models

Bestigor herd 20 models
full command
Magic banner
The banner of outrage
total 1000pts

Whats my ide with this list?
To be fast and field a lot of deccent troops and hoppfully be abel to ambush the enemy with my ungors/gors

Plz tell me what you think and if you see something that is just stupid for a fantasy battel plz tell me.

13-08-2013, 08:23
mmm i shall try to help but i am no expert on Beastmen.

try to combine the two hordes of gor into 1 big units of 40 horde formation.

ungors are good for a mage bunker keep them 5 wide and make them deep!

Bestigors at 20 are okey at this point level. You could drop them for 6 minotaurs tho. for some monsterous inf.

ungor raiders are pretty awsome..

Try looking at oncebitten in youtube.. he can give you some sweet insight in Beastmen

13-08-2013, 10:00
thx for the feedback

my ide was that i could have 2 smaller squads to be more manovrabel insted of one big so one attacks in the front the other in the rear

If you guys could tell me so key princibels in fantasy i would very much parictiate it.

13-08-2013, 10:06
also should i have a shaman?

14-08-2013, 19:03
1. Banner of outrage is bad. Don't take it.
2. It would be nice to have some magic and a BSB. Beastmen need a BSB for their average-to-low leadership and re-rolling primal fury tests.

In light of that, this is what I'd recommend:

- Swap the Banner of Outrage for Standard of Discipline (you get some pts back)
- Drop one of the gor units, add 5 to the remaining 1
- Make your wargor a BSB, and drop the great weapon for an enchanted shield (you want him to be tough) -- now he has a 1+ save (or you could make 2+ rerollable for more pts)
- Take a bray shaman (L2 wizard) as your general. Fencer's blades or a 5+ ward are nice items for him.
- Always deploy the bray shaman in the bestigor so your general is LD8, and you'll also get BSB rerolls from the wargor.
- Swap a few ungors into raiders to have 2x5, make the ungors with hand weapon + shield if u havent assembled them yet

So it would look like (dont remember exact pts)

Bray Shaman (Level 2 Wizard, Fencer's Blades OR Talisman of 5+ Ward) [in Bestigor Herd]
Wargor (BSB, Heavy Armor, Enchanted Shield OR Shield + Dawnstone, Gnarled Hide) [in Gor Herd]

25 Gor (Full Command, Additional Hand Weapons) [BSB here]
30 Ungor (Full Command)
5 Ungor Raiders
5 Ungor Raiders

20 Bestigor (Full Command, Standard of Discipline) [Bray Shaman General here]

Other units that are effective at small pts values
- 5-man harpy units if you face lots of warmachines that you need to kill fast
- 1-man razorgor units for cheap deployments and character/warmachine hunting
- tuskgor chariots

14-08-2013, 23:18
hmm i think ill test theam both... when the time comes i still have 15+ fire warriors to build and about 50 tau models to paint

so it will take a while for me to get going on my beastman army but still i thank you for youre advice *Lifts hat*