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12-08-2013, 22:45
Hello All,

This is a list i have been using and I feel it isnt the cookie cutter list that is out there. I have used it in a couple tournaments and it has done well. The army sinergizes well and it is alot of fun to play.

High Sorc lv 4 (General)
-Dark Magic
-Sac Dagger

Sorc lv 2
-Shadow Magic

Hag Queen
-Rune of Khaine
-Banner of Hag Graef (ASF)

Hag Queen

10 Xbowmen - Musician/Banner

10 Xbowmen- Musician/Banner

5 Dark Riders- Musician/Bows

5 Dark Riders- Musician/Bows

22 Warriors- Full command Discipline banner

31 Executioners- Full command banner of murder

28 Witches- full command Flaming banner(thinking of removing this)- Unit champ has Rune of Khaine


5 Harpies

26-08-2013, 00:37
here is the list i referenced

26-08-2013, 08:09
I like this list alot I will look it over better tomorrow thanks for all the help guys.