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13-08-2013, 16:01
Hey guys, been a while since I posted a list but I think that I remember the forum decorum well enough


Vamp 490
lvl 4 caster
Red fury, quickblood, ogre blade ToPr

heroes 180
Necro x2
1 x DS
1x Book of arkhan

Core 630
30 ghouls

31 ghouls

Special 798
Bat swarm

Corpse Cart

Horrors x6

GG x 30
FC and Banner of barrows

Rare 400


total 2498

Things I can swap in etc.

40 Skellies with spears (my bad)
4 Vampires
Cairn Wraiths and banshee
zombies ( 30)
Zombie Dragon
20 more ghouls
15 more GG

main idea is get the tgheist, wraiths, and bats out fast and throw off enemy movement while my line moves forward. It is going to be slow is the issue with the Corpse Cart, but its buff i am really loath to miss out on. Magic I will have a chance at getting every spell if I roll correctly. Shooting the tgheist in the back field screaming things to death will annoy him and march block him though cannons will of course be an issue. I should be able to handle most everything in CC pretty well.

My other thought is to take kemmler instead of the vamp lord and take another hero Vamp for another character etc.

Also I could drop the bats and Corpse Cart for another Vamp

Splitting the Ghouls into 3 units of twenty has also crossed my mind.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to look it over and I appreciate any criticism.

13-08-2013, 17:59
Needs more banners! You only have 3 break points (2 from general, 1 from GG banner). I'm assuming everyone is running lore of vampires.


- Don't forget to buy heavy armor and (enchanted) shield for your lord

Core: 625

- Fatten up 1 ghoul unit to run as a horde with your vamp lord in it. Either swap the other unit for a zombie/skel bunker (this gets you the much-needed 2nd banner!) or or make it a small unit of ghouls to act as a necromancer bunker. Junk dog units are good for deployment and march blocking

49 Ghouls (Ghast) - 500
25 Zombies (FC) - 85
5 Dire Wolves - 40

Special: 925

- The GG and CH units are too small. I'd suggest dropping the horrors entirely for a really big GG unit.
- Maybe drop the bat swarms to a single spirit host or a pair of fell bats to free up some points.
- If you're going to run a Corpse Cart I'd definitely put Balefire (anti-magic one) on it.
- GG are a lot better with GW!

40 GG GW FC BotB (not sure on pts) - 560pts
1 Corpse Cart (Balefire) - 105pts
2 Fell Bats - 32pts
6 Crypt Horrors - 228pts

Rare: 225
- Maybe drop the wraith unit entirely for 10 more GG and another chaff unit ( I think you can get 10 GG and chaff)
1 Terrorgheist 225

LORD 0490
HERO 0180
CORE 0625
SPEC 0925
RARE 0225
TOTL 2445

leaves you ~55 pts for HA+ES on lord and a spirit host! viola!
If you really wanted an ethereal hero you could drop a chaff unit and maybe ~5 GG or 1-2 CH for the pts

13-08-2013, 19:02
alright V2

Vamp 501
lvl 4 caster
Red fury, quickblood, ogre blade, ToPr, HA, En. Shield

heroes 180
Necro x2
1 x DS
1x Book of arkhan

Core 665
46 ghouls

30 skellies
FC flame banner

Special 923
Bat swarm

Corpse Cart
bale fire

Horrors x6

GG x 40
FC and Banner of barrows

Rare 225

total 2494

I love the bat swarms for comboing on high elves and given that they are the new shiny I figured it would be worth it for this time around. The rest I totally agree on except my zombies paint job looks awful and my skeletons look way better so paint score factors in there and there is not enough time for a repaint.


14-08-2013, 18:49
looks good. I would still urge you to try and get a zombie unit on the table so you can spam invokation in the early turns when other spells are out of range. or at least try and get raise dead to create road blocks. alternatively, get a master of the dead on one of the necros so you can buff your skeletons above 30.

if you dont take zombies, consider making one of the necros a death wizard and running him in the vampire's unit for LD10 spirit leeches and some nice RiP action

15-08-2013, 01:29
All of the units in your list are meant for combat. Where are your necromancers going to go? I understand that you don't want zombies, but maybe a small bunker of skeletons? Or maybe swap them for a lvl 1 vampire? You get a caster and scroll caddy that isn't guaranteed to die at the first sight of combat.

15-08-2013, 16:40
Vamp Lord: good typical blender caster lord. You have to protect this guy at all costs. Save your dispell scroll for when something targets this guy that you can't let through. Which unit will he lead? GG I suspect, which is good and makes for a really hard hitting unit.

2 hero Necros:
Good choices, they will try and cast IoN every chance they get and possibly Vanhels from the Book. You may find that after casting some augments on your troops in combat that you don't have enough dice to cast with the book. You had mentioned having a good chance of getting every spell in the Vamp list. You don't want or need every spell. The wind of undeath is garbage, you can maybe use gaze once before getting in combat. For the most part you will only have enough dice to cast IoN a couple of times a turn and Vanhels from the Book once per turn. If you are lucky you may get enough dice to try casting hellish vigour, but don't plan on casting everything in each round, plan on getting low amounts of dice and cast IoN once per round, and this is not guaranteed to get through, which leads me to the amounts of models you have in some units...

46 Ghouls with ghast, these guys are ok, but don't expect them to break enemy units that are superior to them. They have no armour and die in droves, especially since I doubt you are putting a character in there.

30 Skeletons is not enough for a combat unit unless you include Master of the Dead and plan on casting it a few times before this unit sees combat. Why the flaming banner? Flaming is used to get rid of regen, most infantry in the game doesn't have regen and skeletons aren't good for killing monsters. They can tarpit monsters or other enemy units (hence why there needs to be more of them) but they won't win combats, they make a decent anvil (armour save and parry save). If you want to use this as a bunker then definately drop the flaming banner. The Screaming banner is far better, because if it works the enemy are WS1 and wwon't kill as many skeletons.

Bat swarm, do you play alot of high elves? Do you really like the model that much? This swarm is going to die the instant anything looks at it. Are you sure you don't want to go with a spirit host, this etheral 1 model unit can tie monsters, monstrous cav, etc as long as you know they don't have magical attacks. I know the lure of striking before the elves do is nice but it really isn't worth it, besides agaisnt most opponents your corpse cart can provide ASF.

Corpse cart, situational but can be ok. as you mention this thing is slow and can't fight, never send it into combat.

Horrors, good

GG, need GW otherwise they will have trouble killing things. Killing blow is not as good as it sounds.

Tgheist: this thing is an awesome, if somewhat large, model. it will suck up cannonfire, only because your opponent knows how lethal it can be. You mention getting it behind the enemy, don't do this. Because the Tgheist isn't vampiric it can't march. If it can't march when too far away fromt he general they it can be caught in combat and this thing sucks in combat. Seriously, do not send the Tgheist into combat it is garbage. keep it behind your general's unit until the general is in combat, then march fly it beside the enemy unit and scream.