View Full Version : 4000 High Elf Cav List.

13-08-2013, 16:27
This is my pie in the sky list, one of the main ones I want to field. The Cav theme is going to be stuck to, just want ideas to refine and build up on.

Prince, Longbow, Heavy Armor, Lion Cloak, Barded Steed, Star Lance, Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Protection, Cloak of Beards (taken to cause fear, not cheese dwarves, would likely drop if facing dwarves and grab regen talisman... unless of course Dwarf is going to be cheesy as well.)

Noble BSB: Rampager's Standard, Lance, Dragon Armor, Shield, Barded Steed

Handmaiden of the Everqueen, Reaver Bow.

Archmage: Shadow, Foot, Book of Hoeth, Relic Blade, Lvl 4

Silver Helms: FC 24 Strong
Silver Helms: FC 24 Strong
Reavers 5, FC
Reavers 5, FC
Spearmen FC 39, War Banner

Dragon Prince 15, FC, Wailing Banner
Dragon Prince 15, FC, Razor Standard

30 Sisters of Avalorn

The idea:

Prince goes in DP unit with Razor Standard, Noble goes in DP with Wailing Banner. Spearmen are there to take towers, as well as be something to throw at a horde to set up flanks. The Mage is embedded with the horde of spear. The sisters provide the archer support, which combined with the Handmaidens buff to moving and shooting, this should result in a pretty dangerous set of 33 str 4 arrows a turn. Outside of that it is pretty obvious what everything does. (Silver Helms are ranked three deep, and DP 2 deep.)