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14-08-2013, 02:19

After having my 1st apocalypse game and breaking out my necron shroud bomber for the 1st time, a question about cover saves came up. As far as I'm aware the shroud bomber rules doesn't say ignores cover, and I can't find anything in the rule book or rule book errata/FAQ to cover it, unless I've completely missed it? Either way, a bomb is obviously dropped from the model flying over, so effectively there shouldn't be any cover between firer and target, but without anything to clarify it my mate said as he's in cover (aegis line or ruins) he'd still get a cover save. I read on some of the apocalypse weapons using blast markers, that cover saves are taken from the point where the centre of the template is, which for things like bombs and artillery makes sense, but for standard bombing runs nothing like this is mentioned.

So, do you get a cover save as normal from a bomb run? If so is it full cover or just area? Or have a missed something that shows they don't get cover?


14-08-2013, 02:34
Well Chucky64 you've come to the right place. So lets get started. Firstly your leather armour should be enough against a bomb. Or perhaps use an Ungor near by as a shield..... Nah seriously this is the wrong forum bud. Need to scroll down a bit to get to the 40k Forum.

14-08-2013, 02:47
D'oh! Yeah not quite right location is it? :)

14-08-2013, 05:46
I would play my beast men in an apoc game. I want to see my doom bull shred some marines

14-08-2013, 06:46
Now a giant mechanical flying monster dropping bombs in fantasy would certainly be something GW would consider adding. Oh dear, I've gone and spoiled the new Dwarf book...

14-08-2013, 12:57
When I saw the title I assumed he was referring to Terradons dropping rocks; admittedly I was having a little trouble working out what he might of meant by 'cover saves' in fantasy :confused: