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14-08-2013, 03:07

Battle Report is in the battle report section and also linked off of the battle report forum.

Lord Solar Plexus
14-08-2013, 11:26
Nice analysis. Chaos chariots are not barded so have M8 but that's such a minor thing, seeing that you're spot on with the movement phase.

As to Leadership, Ld 8 with a re-roll has a 92.6 % or thereabouts chance to pass. Now I've failed rerollable Ld 9 and 10, too, and coldblooded Lizards certainly are better but it isn't as if you're going to run away right off the bat. A centrally placed BSB could have covered 3-4 units (the Hellcannon could go behind his block) and make for a solid line.

You're quite right though about the Chaos left flank, especially the Marauder Horse, although one has to keep in mind that this unit is the weakest and cheapest and therefore most expendable.

14-08-2013, 13:28
Interesting to note about the chariots movement, I must have been carrying that over from a previous book or maybe just did it wrong the whole time lol. I'll pass that one along.

Also that is a good point about the leadership and the bsb. A more accurate analysis then for me would be to highlight how important it is to remove the BSB from the equation.

(in the game described above, the warrior unit rolled a "9" and then an "11" on the reroll)

Thanks for the comments, I will pass on the M8.

Lord Solar Plexus
14-08-2013, 13:45
Well, that's the sucky dice you mention at the beginning I guess. ;) Nevertheless, the salient point that you rightly make really is that this could have been avoided by better movement and positioning. Three good units, supported by a Hellcannon can cover a lot of angles, potential final positions of enemy units, pursuit and overrun routes and so on, and that's important to create those 2:1 situations the Lizards pulled off here.

I also feel that Chaos could have done better in two other aspects: He could a) have left the left flank completely empty and concentrate forces on the centre and right flank (or was this random deployment? If so, I missed that) and b) screened the more valuable Chosen and/or Warriors with the Marauder Horse. Seeing how much they actually suffered from shooting this could have been a good idea, and it would possibly have provided his blocks with a diverter. Perhaps he didn't feel confident to pass Ld should the Marauders panic and run through other units but then that is a weakness he needs to adress - and there's the MoS to prevent it anyways.

I feel two units of dogs might have been a better option but that's a bit with hindsight.

14-08-2013, 14:00
It was a dawn attack so yeah random deployment.

14-08-2013, 14:52
Brilliant! My exact train of thought ,math hammer and chess pieces excluded...i just use my common sense.(scary yet effective.).Anyhow all new players to wfb should really watch this instead of posting how to win and net listing armies! Excellent work! Also on the topic of leadership although lizzies role the three d6 thing there overall leadership is still an exploitational point.Think terrorghiest and certain spells .

14-08-2013, 15:16
You are correct sir... I think I did make a mention of that in passing about leadership bombs can help (and in fact the chaos player had one of those spells but he couldn't get it off as the lizard player dispelled it). With chaos though, they don't have access to spamming those like an army like say VC do.

Appreciate the feedback.

14-08-2013, 15:23
No this is a truly great and informative piece! Your comments on movment and patience are after about 10 years of playing had to learn the hard way,over and over again! Now days its safe to say i can still win using these"ground work "techniques even with below average to down right dirt dice rolls! Its a shame your all the way over there would love to give you a game!

14-08-2013, 15:25
You never know where virtual tabletops will bring us. I am working on a project right now actually that is a virtual tabletop that when I get to a point I'm happy with I'm going to try for a kickstarter :D

14-08-2013, 15:48
Sounds great! Keep us posted.

14-08-2013, 15:51
Of course :)