View Full Version : Shooting in extra ranks

14-08-2013, 14:33
Normally you shoot in 2 ranks. If you are horded, can you shoot in 3 ranks? Also, do you only measure from the front rank for the purposes of distance? (Ex: 10x5 night goblins are shooting, and the target is 17" away from the first row of models, leaving the remaining rows outside of the 18" range for short bows - can they still shoot)

14-08-2013, 16:22
Only the first 2 ranks can shoot. Horded gives you the advantage because your ranks are wider so more shoot but you still don't get the 3rd rank to shoot. Line of sight is determined by the front models but range is determined on a per model basis.

15-08-2013, 17:17
Note that bows have the volley fire rule, so models after the front 2 ranks fire half a shot each. Only applies to weapons with volley fire though.