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14-08-2013, 18:07
Hi everyone,

so the recent FAQ says that
¨If a defeated unit has more
ranks than its enemy, it takes a Break test without applying the
difference in the combat result scores. You should include the
front rank for the purposes of determining whether or not a
unit is steadfast.”

Does this mean that if at the end of combat, say 2 skull crushers survived against a unit of ogres, with only the tyrant, standart and muso left, the ogres would be steadfast (assuming they had lost the combat)?

So 5 normal infantry models are steadfast against an stegadon (or equivalent)?

14-08-2013, 18:08
Yes, this is exactly how it has always been; what's the issue here?

14-08-2013, 18:10
we just noticed this part in the FAQ yesterday and up to then always counted ranks as we did it for the combat res., so each full rank after the first one.

14-08-2013, 18:17