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14-08-2013, 19:58
I hada game against D Elves soon and was looking for some feedback on my list. Hoping to run this list for a long time and fine tune it! Had a tough run in with death magic.

Prince - Barded Steed, Shield, Hvy Armour, Giant Blade, Dawnstone, Dragonhelm, Potion of Foolhardiness (@276)
Archmage (High) - lvl 4, Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Endurance (@305)

Noble - BSB, GW, Dragon Armour, Barded Steed, Star Lance, Other Tricksters Shard, Enchanted Shield (@174)

Silver Helms x13 - FC & Shields (@329)
Reavers x5 - Bows & Musician (@95)
Reavers x5 - Bows & Musician (@95)
Archers x10 - Musician (@110)

White Lions x20 - FC, Banner of the World Dragon (@340)
Swordmasters x14 - Mus, Std, Banner of Swiftness (@217)

Bolt Thrower (@70)
Bolt Thrower (@70)
Great Eagle (@50)
Frostheart Phoenix (@240)
Sisters of Avelorn x9 (@126)

Total = 2497

The Prince and BSB go with the Silver Helms and the Archmage with the white lions.

What do you think? Also, any advice on playing D Elves with our new book?


14-08-2013, 20:48
Personally I would drop the Prince and get another unit, perhaps boost the White Lions numbers and add some Dragon Princes. Otherwise it is a lot of points spent on four attacks and one point better leadership than the Archmage. I'd also skin down the BSB to a great weapon, 2+ armour save and a four or five plus ward. There's no need for that Star lance and Other Trickster's Shard in my opinion.

As far as the Sisters go, I can thoroughly recommend them. They work very well in conjunction with the Lore of Shadow; withered units are ripe pickings for Strength 4 shooting!

15-08-2013, 08:42
Yeah, I don't like White Lions in less then 30 man groups. They just... are fragile, and they are top target, especially with the fear of the World Dragon Banner, which is, by internetz wisdomz always in the White Lion group, and according to Internetz Wisdomz, the skillbanner must be murdered. (And in your case, they'd be right.) I would drop the bolt throwers and grab a hand maiden, and then bulk up your sisters about. That highly mobile Str 4, and against those Dark Elves, it would be str 4 AP, is pretty scary.

I don't think the Prince really is needed here. He just seems tacked on and doesn't do anything for the list, but eat up points. (And I am a big proponent of Princes.)

I'd also drop the archers and beef up the sisters some more. Sisters have become my preferred archers.

15-08-2013, 16:52
You have 2 small combat blocks and a cav unit. I am betting your d Elf opponent destroys those first and then easily picks off everything alse at his leisure. Add more models to the combat units. Are the archers there for any particular reason? I am betting they don't do much

15-08-2013, 17:00
Thanks for the advice!

How would you recommend using a Prince. The bus hits hard when charging and can still grind with 4 S7 attacks and 3 S6 from the two characters.

By dropping the SM I can increase the white lions up to 27 and include a lvl 1 mage with scroll and ring of fury.

I've got another game tonight, so shall see how it goes. If the Prince is not necessary then the helms will decrease in size as its a large points sink with no grinding ability.

The archers were to fill up some core, another cheap drop and some chaff clearing.

15-08-2013, 17:58
You don't use Silver Helm to grind. You use them to slam into low leadership units, low toughness unit, pray you don't suffer rubber lance, and kill a bunch and watch the unit run away. (With ASF, you shouldn't suffer rubber lance, but it happens.) If your enemy doesn't have those, then flank charge engaged units to free your combat blocks up again.

15-08-2013, 18:38
Dont get me wrong, I know they're not meant to grind, but sometimes it is unavoidable. The high S is also useful against monstrous cav etc

15-08-2013, 19:30
But for 276, you can get some PG which are meant to grind, and might save your horses, plus provides a mage bunker.