View Full Version : 2500 Wood Elf List (MSU no forest spirits)

Gustav Kohn
16-08-2013, 15:59
So here is my tentative list for the Alamo tourney...

Highborn General w/scout kindred
Bow of Loren, arcane bodkins, talisman of endurance, dragonhelm

Lvl 4 beast weaver
talisman of preservation and wand of wych elm

Eagle Noble w/light armour
spear of twilight, other trickersters shard, charmed shield

Alter Noble
Raegeth's wildfire blades, helm of the hunt, potion of strength

10 GG w/musician & banner of flame
10 GG w/musician
10 GG scouts w/musician
9 GG scouts
5 Glade riders w/musician

3 warhawk riders
8 wardancers
9 wardancers w/musician

6 Waywatchers
6 Waywatchers
1 Eagle
1 Eagle