View Full Version : 2000pts WoC (mono Slaanesh)

Anything But
16-08-2013, 21:13
Was wondering what people opinion's were on this mono Slaanesh list ive written up. Its obviously not the hardest WoC list available but I do like the Slaanesh fluff and am keen to make a half decent list without picking and choosing all the OP units - nurgle DP's and unkillable disk Tzeentch lords etc that people love facing oh so much ;)

Daemon Prince - 495 pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Level 4 Slaanesh
Chaos Armour
Soul Feeder
Scaled Skin
Sword of Striking
Charmed Shield
Dragonbane Gem

Chaos Sorc - 195 pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Level 2 Slaanesh
Chaos Armour
Dispel Scroll
Enchanted Shield
Talisman of Protection

Exalted Hero - 234 pts
Steed of Slaanesh
Mark of Slaanesh
Allure of Slaanesh
Talisman of Presevation

19 Chaos Warriors - 324 pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Standard bearer
Hand Weapons and Shield

Chaos Chariot - 115 pts
Mark of Slaanesh

5 Warhounds - 40 pts

5 Warhounds - 40 pts

6 Hellstriders of Slaanesh - 124 pts
Spears and Shields

Gorebeast Chariot - 135 pts
Mark of Slaanesh

6 Chaos Knights - 294 pts
Mark of Slaanesh
Ensorcelled Weapons
Standard (Banner of Eternal Flame)

Total - 1,996

So whats the consensus?

The idea with the hero on Slaanesh Steed is that he can either go in the Knights and move along and M7 (and flaming attacks), maybe charging out on his own to juicy targets with his M10 if the whole unit looks unlikely to make it with M7. Or he can of course go in with the Hellstriders for a very fast unit with poison and a cheap eat shield for him if its shot at. He would also be unmagical in this unit incase I run into HIgh elves with the Banner of skill dragon banner.

Also not sure about the knights. Any other unit that would be a useful hammer or do people like how they work with the new book? obviously it would be nice to chuck in some skullcrushers but im determined to make the army have some back story and fluff so want it as mono god as possible. Maybe an exception or two could be made but mixing Khorne and Slaanesh is a no no.