View Full Version : 2500 pt Orcs and Goblins 2 Wyverns

17-08-2013, 18:45
Orc Warboss w/Wyvern, Spear, Shield, and Gambler's Armour 301pts.
Orc Warboss w/Wyvern, Spear, Shield, Helm of Discord, and Seed of Rebirth 323pts.

Savage Orc BSB w/Great Weapon and Banner of Swiftness 119pts.
Savage Orc Shaman Level 2 w/Shrunken Head 155pts.
Night Goblin Shaman Level 2 w/Hex Scroll 135pts.

36 Savage Orc Big Unz w/ Additional Hand Weapon, Std., and Mus. 416pts.
52 Night Goblins w/Nets, Bows, Std. and Mus. 221pts.

Trolls x6 210pts.

Giant 200pts.
Arachnarok 290pts.
Mangler Squig 65pts.
Mangler Squig 65pts.

Thoughts or ideas? I have 2 Wyverns now and I want to try them out together, with the Arachnarok, Giant, Savages, and Manglers, there are plenty of things to make your opponent think twice about what to hit, then the pounding starts. Only thing I wasn't sure about was I could possibly do 15 black orcs in place of the trolls.

18-08-2013, 17:29
If your are going for the win, I would probably suggest some more regiments - you only have 3. Additionally, wouldnt a cannon-battery be kind of dangerous here? Otherwise cool, I like the idea of a Monster-heavy army :)

18-08-2013, 17:37
Gotta give one boss a charmed shield

19-08-2013, 22:47
Cannons are the reason nobody ever plays monsters, but here, they've got so many targets, including 2 flyers, that they will likely get mowed down after a shot or two each. I actually played twice against a new lizardmen list and won both, though in all fairness they were his first games with the new rules, and I got insanely lucky the second game, with the trolls holding with insane courage against an ancient stegadon that had charged them. Zielonkak, I'm definitely switching out the helm of discord for something, maybe the shield and something else instead? Thanks for the thoughts though guy, wish me luck next time after my friend has acclimated to the new lizardmen rules lol!