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Lord Setra
17-08-2013, 18:51
Evening folks,

This year I'm hoping to get into the Scottish tournament scene and the first one I'm hoping to attend is called Forgotten Heros.

This is a 1999pt tournament with the comp that there are no lords, and that you can spend 35% of your points on Heros. Other than that its fair game! So without further a do I present my list

Bruiser: Enchanted Shield; Sword of Anti-heroes; Dragonhelm; Potion of Speed; heavy armour; battle standard. 184
Butcher: Crown of Command; Talisman of Protection; Level 2 Wizard; great weapon. 194
Firebelly: Dispel Scroll; additional hand weapon. 147
Firebelly: Hellheart; additional hand weapon. 172

9 Ironguts: Gutlord; Bellower; standard bearer; Look-out Gnoblar. 422
10 Gnoblars: Gnoblar Trappers. 50
10 Gnoblars: Gnoblar Trappers. 50

5 Leadbelchers: Bellower. 225
1 Sabretusk 21
1 Sabretusk 21
4 Mournfang Cavalry: Dragonhide Banner; heavy armour; ironfists. 330

Ironblaster 170

1,986 points

My intention is to put the bruiser, butcher and one of the fire bellies in the gut star and the other fire belly into the lead belchers.

Any input for a complete novice would be much appreciated

Lance Tankmen
17-08-2013, 18:54
couldnt you get more gnoblars?

Lord Setra
17-08-2013, 19:00
I could if i dropped somethings but the two units seemed like useful little screening units and the dangerous terrain tests are a nice speed bump.