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Heresy!...kind of, here my take on the expunged Legion and their Primarch. When the Bits arrived I'll begin on the conversion work of the unkown primarch. Though as a teaser (expect a chaos dwarf head)

Khutol Malik the Brazen Slaver

Primarch of the Void Bulls, Overlord of Azarr, Galactic Despot

There are scant tales more heretical than the war perpetrated by the great traitor Horus and the treacherous Primarchs that followed. Yet two Primarchs remain expunged from all imperial records, two of the emperors sons removed from history as if their existence had never come to be. There is, however, in the deep vaults of Fenris a sole exiting codex detailing the first inner conflict of the Legio Astarters; as the Emperors executioners the Space Wolves were tasked with the physical removal of the II Legion; a tale of treachery, cruelty and of the first ever heresy of a Primarch.

In reality the II Legion did not differ greatly from the other Space Marine Legions; like the others their Primarch had been taken in his incubation capsule by unknown forces to a far distant world, far from Terra and out of the Emperors reach. The legion had its beginnings in Terra, recruits mostly came from the surrounding Himlazian tribes which were strong and fierce warriors, able of feats of strength unlike other Terran men. Their headlong attacks were best suited to quell riots and immediately stop incoming sorties into the grounds of the Emperor’s centre of operations, which would later come to be the Imperial Palace.

The Second Legions Primarch had landed on a deathworld, though highly civilised. A death world of barren deserts pocketed with artificially built oasis’; Ziggurats and monumental walls carved from obsidian circled around the oasis, the inhabitants were human, with no overly different features from those form Terra. However a dark malice brewed in the rulers of this world, Azarr. The ruling caste, Maliks, were tyrants and tormentors. The people were not governed freely, every citizen was a slave; the population was as much a resource as water was to the Maliks, from farmers, to builders and even the regimental armies. All were stocked with preordained lives. The people lived in prisons, were they would return. The Maliks removed any system of families and friends making revolts almost impossible, there was no emotion for other citizens, and no one knew of a potential of a better life. Conversation and contact of any form between citizens was prohibited under penalty of death. The only time they were allowed to speaks was during their menial work hours were only two worded commands could be given to each other. Guards and army personnel were fed better than the slaved empire, they were not only physically stronger, but knew their lives were better, in some circumstances than that of the human stock they patrolled.

It was on this despotic world that Khutol would come to, the child was found by a border patrol, the warring Maliks kept greedy eyes on their borders, and would hastily dispatch an entire army is necessary to counter-attack. However seeing the capsule drop from the heavens fully thirteen Maliks dispatched a battalion each to claim the capsule. After the bloody battle between the warriors slaves Khutol was taken to the victorious Malik. Like many of his brother Primarchs he was welcomed by his founder as a son, and on the world of Azarr, there was no greater privilege. The Child had two distinguishable feature, two small horns jutted from his brow and two tusks from his lower jaw, stranger still to the Malik was Khutol’s ageing. In a few years he had reached maturity, towering over all of the populace by several feet, unearthly strong and broad of shoulder. Khutol learned everything from his tyrannous father how to maintain an empire of slaves and how to conduct war. Khutol unlike his father had been born for war, like any Primarch. Khutol would fight against the soldier guard of his Ziggurat Palace. His father, vile and hateful commanded his adoptive son to cease the practice of fighting slaves to death, though he indulged in dreadful practices of torture for amusement he found combat barbaric for a Malik, if not out of jealousy of Khutols ability and strength. The confrontation erupted in the death of the of Khutol’s adoptive Father. Khutol Took command of his new empire, not only by fear but also by strength. The slave army was taught new ways of combat and led by Khutol Malik war was brought to the neighbouring Slave empires. In less than seven years the entire world of Azarr was the dominion of Khutol Malik. The sole Lord of an entire Slave World and an army of millions of slaves.

Such victory and bloodshed would not go unnoticed by the Emperor and his two newly found primarchs, Leman Russ and Horus Lupercal. The Emperor transported directly to Azarr to meet the new Malik Overlord. Khutol had known from an early age that his Malik father had been adoptive and new full well whom the iridescent figure before him was and readily accepted the Emperor with the condition of being overlord of Azzar. The Emperor accepted thinking Khutol had had conquered the planet to liberate it not to rule over it and enslave it further. With the command of the II Legion Khutol could now conquer and enslave whole systems. The originating II legion was renamed the Void Bulls and was put directly into service, numbering only a few thousand they were to ensure the progressive training of new recruits into the second legion from Azarr. Whereas the slave soldiers form Azarr where quickly brought into the ranks of the Void Bulls for Khutol to command and make entire systems kneel. World after world was conquered by Khutol, but rather than bringing them into the Imperium he brought them under his own visage, a Galactic Empire built on the backs of slaves.

It was not long for the emperor to hear of this treachery, within only a decade Khutol had broken every imperial creed. The Emperor knew his newly found son had been corrupted too far by his upbringing, his notoriety and cruelty knew no bounds. Proclaimed by remebrancers, astropaths and mostly by the Terran born Void Bulls stationed at Azarr condemning the inhuman conditions which the populace lived in: Khutol's actions had been directed for question by the Emperor. With a heavy heart the Emperor dispatched the Spacewolves and a segment of the Legio Custodes to bring Khutol to imperial compliance and stand trial for his acts of treason against the Imperium. Khutol had come to expect retaliation from the Emperor knowing clashing dogmas of his Slave Legion and that of the Legio Astarters. Situated well in the Maleesh System which had been one of three system conquered in the short activity of the Void Bulls and their despotic Primarch. They erected large Ziggurats, built by billions of slaves, defences had began since the first world had been ravaged by Khutol. It took nearly ten months for the Prime World of the Maleesh system which garrisoned over two thirds of the Void Bulls and Khutol to be brought low.

Eventually the resulting war ended in a climactic battle between Leman Russ and Khutol Malik. Leman Russ was barbaric in combat, howling and snarling at his mad brother, Khutol grunted and called forth the Wolf King Primarch. After hours of titanic blows which would fell one of the weaker Primarchs. Leman Russ offered Khutol the chance to repent for his actions thrice but each gesture was met with an attack by the Void Bull Primarch. Khutol was brought low by the aid of Freki and Geri, each mauled at either leg of the Void Bull Primarch Thick artificer armour, momentarily distracted, Leman Russ struck the final blow, driving his sword deep into Khutols neck and down his back. The first death of a Primarch was met with sorrow and relief. Khutol and his cruel legacy were deleted from all imperial records, though it is known that a II Legio Primarch existed it was only known by the Emperor, the Space Wolves, Horus, and the Legio Custodes. All imperial personnel assigned to the II legion had been slaughtered by Khutol and his Slave Legion long before the Emperor sent for his execution, the few remaining loyal Terran born void bulls were absorbed by various legions, most notably the War Hounds (later World Eaters) and Ultramarines.


Khutol Malik
The Space Wolves speak of each Primarchs Wyrd, it is openly known that the Space Wolves were the Emperors Executioners, fiercely loyal, barbaric in practice and near bestial in form, Khutol was to be the equal of this legion, to bring low those whom the Emperor deemed unfit to live. So it was that Khutol Malik and his later legion, would be the most similar to Leman Russ and the Space Wolves, but altogether different. Khutol was the only one to bear horns and tusks, some believe this to be a hideous abnormal diffect from Khutols time in his capsule, while others do think it to be anything other than a genetetic abnormality much like Magnus’ red demenour, Vulkans flame red eyes and Leman Russ’ lupine features. Whatever the reason for his mutation, Khutol stood readily apart from his Legion sharing no similar genetic similarities apart from tremendous strength, though it is disputed this is due to the recruits (strong slave stock and Himalazian Terrans) rather than genetic attributes from the Primarch.

Khutol, Like all other Primarchs, was tall, strong and born to conquer the galaxy at the behest of a legion. His shoulder were broad and his strength tremendous. He wore a thick black beard, coiled neatly, mostly he wore a crown of gold and brass to match his artificer armour, and behind him a lone red cloak dragged and swayed with every motion of the stalwart Primarch.

Khutol had two primary armaments, a power fist laced with chains, hooks and an inbuilt storm bolter. In his right hand he wielded a prodigious hammer, similar but improved to that which he wielded during the wars of Azarr to cave in the thick armour of the opposing warrior slaves.


The Void Bull Legion

Although the II Legion had existed before the Great Crusade their is no detail about them other than the recruits coming from Himalazian Tribes. It was the shortest lived Legion in history and remains so. Space marine commanded in battle by Khutol came from Terra, all Terran Void Bulls were sent to Azarr. This was in truth a means to remove them from direct contact from Khutol, though they were in the belief that they needed to train new recruits to expand the Size of the Legion, numbering less than 2000 there were only 20-40 Astarters per Training Ziggurat in Anzabarr, staying within the confines of only a small sector of the Ziggurat (as commanded by Khutol) the astarters and no reason to question their Primarchs motives. It was by chance that these astarters came across the truth of Azarr and with utter condemnation they sent message to the Emperor of Khutol's actions.

Meanwhile Khutol had built a legion of Slaves, unswerving and utterly loyal, mechanic in nature and never showing a sign of emotion or remorse, they conquered several worlds under the Command of Khutol. With imperial provisions the Slave Legion found it easy to conquer worlds, much like they did the Ziggurats of Azarr.

The legion now numbering over 60,000 as recruits were being drawn in continuously from Azarr, they were able to stockpile a number of armaments on the Prime World of the Maleesh Sector and garrison against the oncoming attack of the Emperor and his Wolves. However Khutol had little experience fighting soldiers such as the astarters, and especially those of the Space Wolves. Yes the Space Wolves did not expect the capabilities of the Void Bulls and of the determination of the Despotic Primarch which rather die in infamy than live as a subordinate. The Void Bulls did as they were born to do; to fight to kill and be killed. Although the augmentation process of becoming a space marine increased ever bit of their fighting prowess it was their mechanical and systematic approach to warfare which aided them in holding off the Space Wolves and Custodes in the time they did.

The Void Bulls were typically armed with bolters, faring similar to the armaments used by the Slave Soldiers on Azarr. This though was also combined with power weapons and bolt pistols as the majority of battles on Azarr consisted of close combat. A typical Void Bull Legionnaire would be equipped with power armour, power weapon and bolt pistol. There was only one unit equipped in Terminator Armour, much like the Centurion guard of other legions the Brazen Bulls utilised a combination of storm Bolters, Flamers (combi and heavy) and Thunder Hammers. This elite guard were crucial to Khutol’s advancements against the space wolves utilising them en masse to counterattack Leman Russ’ direct assault.
It is noted there were particularly few Void Bull Tanks, preferring to create large Phalanxes of infantry and march forward in the fashion they did on Azarr.
Deadnoughts: Khutol had a fascination with dreadnoughts, knowing such brute strength could prove invaluable in his conquest to become Galactic Overlord.

Icon – The Void Bulls mark is a black bulls head.
Legion Colours – The Legion primarily wore black power armour and had gold/brass trims.
Warcry - Unknown, although grunting and and stomping were customary before battle, presumably a tactic of intimidation used by the slave soldiers of Azarr.

Tatics - The Legion was usually grouped en masse, led directly by Khutol and the Brazen Bulls Terminators, the preferred tactic was a combination of brute strength and out manouvering the enemy. Transport was widley unused by the legion, although it is known for them to have used drop pods on two occasions to operate quickly and brutally behind enemy lines and cause disruption within fortified strongholds before the rest of the legion could storm through gates and demolish walls.

Preferred weaponry - The Void bulls made particular use of Thunder hammers and power fists, equally though most Void Bull astarters carried Bolt Guns and boarding shields to ensure a complete and near unstoppable attack. Some squads specialised mostly in heavy meltas and flamers to destroy all garrisoned troops and destroy oncoming heavy vehicles. Khutol had great admiration for Dreadnoughts, hoping to one day deploy a whole company of them. Before the Siege of Maleesh the Void Bull Legion had largest ratio of Dreadnoughts to astarters of every other legion, although tanks were widely unused.

Hierarchy - the Void Bulls differed Greatly from other Legions in that all direct command came from Khutol. Their were equivalent members within the legion, but comprising of the mind and soul washed slaves of Azarr. The method by which almost all slaves were brought into service began from birth, lobotomised to the extent were emotion was an unknown byword. The Maliks and later Khutol were only a handful of men which had a dynasty dating back to the worlds feudal era, long before the Age of Strife. Khutol publicly executed each Malik personally, with a swift blow of his large ornate hammer. It would not be until the fall of other planets that Malik could begin constructing his own personal consul of advisor's, these however were picked from strongmen of the Maleesh that joined the ranks of the Void Bulls willingly. Rather than leading through leadership these men led through intimidation, assigned as squad sergeants to the numerous Breacher squads and support squads. There were in few instances Maleesh natives who supported signs of psyker abilities, a small sect grew quickly within the Void Bulls, Psykers which formed both the equerry and consul of Khutol, though rarely entering the fray of battle their main purpose was to usurp the astropaths and navigators assigned to the Legion before the discovery of Khutol. With a network of corrupted psykers now at his disposal Khutol could cloud his actions, for a time, form the Emperor and the other legions. Techmarines of Terran decent were few in number, their battlefield roles had been suspended and now they were perpetually kept within the confines of the Void Bulls Battle Barge. Eventually during the Maleehs Campaign the Techmarines were removed and executed, their roles were fulfilled by the denizens of a Maleesh partial forgeworld of unknown name, however these Tech Savants did not worship the Omnissiah as other Mechanicum Cults, instead they were part of a larger autocratic state. The removal of one leader for another did little towards their disposition.

Other Primacrhs and Khutol -

Khutol was found some time after Leman Russ and his demise came during the discovery of Ferrus Manus, Khutol had met both Horus Lupercal and Leman Russ. Though Khutol refused to accept his brothers as equals, a short jubilant clebration was held on Terra after his discovery, however Khutol did not attend this ceremony explaining to the Emperor that his late coming to the great crusade was more vital than joys of festivity, these lies were blieved by the Emperor as a self less act. And so it was that Terra never witnessed Khutol Malik. It was later told to the populace of Terra and those concerning the Imperium that Khutol was not a Primarch but a powerful witch able to deceive and distort the minds of the Imperium. This eventuality raised the security and even the persecution of psykers on many Imperial worlds. Only a handful, the Spacewolves, the Emperor and Legio Custodes knew these were lies, Horus was never truly informed and given the same explanation as the civilians of the Imperium; for some reason the Emperor wanted to keep the true identity and tragic end of the Void Bulls privy from the Horus and the Luna Wolves.


Minotaurs Chapter.

There are rumours, originating from terra that the Minotaurs chapter originates from the Void Bulls Legion, apart from iconography both the Void Bull Legion and Minotaurs Chapter had a single dogma in place: the executioners of other space marines. It is believed that the debate about whether their geneseed should be used has been active since the end of the heresy. Eventually the High Lord of Terra agreed, and after successful testing the geneseed was combined with that of the Ultramarines the result being the Minotaurs Chapter which unknowingly are the only Chapter with direct geneseed of the Second and expunged Primarch, Khutol the Brazen Slaver.

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Sounds great. The fluff is well written, and I am excited to see some models. Subscribed.

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Subbed! Can't wait to see some astartes

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You know what, Im not normally a fan of takes on the missing Legions. This however is looking good - the thought behind the Legion is nicely crafted and they fit a role nicely. The use of the Bull as iconography is great, totally dissimilar to anything else used by the existing Legion - I also like the parallels with Angron and the World Eaters. Looking forward to seeing some models painted up

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@Pyromancer and Oboc, thank you very much, hope you drop by again when I have some wip of the legion.

At Jackdaw, thanks. I've always been very sceptic about unknown primarch fan fluff, however I was finding it rather difficult deciding on a legion to start, I like dthe Space wolves beast liek nature, I like Angron's distant nature from his Legion and so on, eventually I decided to make my own and create my own Primarch. Glad you like the similarities of Angron and the world eaters, if anything I wanted to draw contrast to the space wolves, as explained further below in some text which Doesn't fit in the OP.

Basic info on creation:

The idea behind the second legion comes primarily from chaos dwarves and of fan art of chaos marines of Hashut. Although there is no direct reference some ideologies of the dwarves have been kept, in particular barren deserts or scorched earth, Zigguarts as bases and slaves which are essential to the Azarr society.

Another major influence of the army is Byzantine, Assyrian and Persian cultures, in particular that such as the armies of Xerxes. I want to convey the idea that Khutol, the Void Bull Primarch, does not consider his legion to be his sons or soldiers which he cares for somewhat/at all, but rather an extension of his Enslaved Empire. I will expand further on the slaving process of Azarr and of the Void Bull Legion marines which have no initiative or thought process of their own other than that being given through commands. I also want to expand on sergeants and with no true Centurions or Praetors but rather enforcement of the Brazen Bulls, Khutol's guard which are somewhat of a paradox within the legion.

Also Khutol, as explained it is known the Primarchs were made in pairs to fulfil similar roles, Horus and the Lion are tactical strategists of open war, Vulkan and Mortarion Death World and dangerous environment experts, Sanguinus and Angron shock troops/close combat, Perturabo and Rogal Dorn Siege experts, Lorgrar and Robutte Gullimanbrining worlds into compliance via cultural stimulation?, Corax and AlphariusOmegon covert-subterfuge-tactical, Jagatai Khan and Konrad Cruze fast hit and run. So it is that only two legions do not have a second fulfilling legion, the space wolves and thousand sons. So presumably one legion should be equal to that of the space wolves, yet entirely different, and even more so to be removed of all records. This led to the idea of a bestial army, or more a Primarch, strong different in style to the space wolves (ice world - desert world). The idea of the wolf and the bull is the loyalty of the wolf pack versus the self idolisation of the Bull caring solely for it's territory and running rampant and destructively against anything that provokes it in any way.

Lastly about Khutol Malik, Malik is an eastern word for King/chieftain so taken directly form known fact where as Khutol pronounced (Ku-tol) comes from the Arabic word Qatal which means Kill, roughly translating to (in my own made-up-ness) Killer/Slayer/Executioner King.

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I remain impressed by the amount of thought youve put into this, really shows a level of dedication that pulls this above the usual "missing Legion uber mary sue copies of existing Legions" ive seen. I also really like the Persian/Abyssian touches - GW seems to shy away from that area for some reason, which I think is a shame. Looking forward to seeing more.