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19-08-2013, 00:09
So I'm thinking about going back to my vampire counts army, so I toyed around with this list. Most of the stuff I have so I was only needing to add the terrorgheist and another 10 graveguard. So what do you think??

Vampire lord 481
level 4, talisman of preservation, enchanted shield, sword of might, heavy armour, quick blood and red fury

necromancer 145
level 2, master of the dead, book of Arkhany

necromancer 125
level 2, dispel scroll.

35 skeletons full command

40 skeletons full command

5 dire wolf's

20 zombies standard, musician

30 grave guard with great weapons, full command, banner of the barrows


this comes to 1961 if my maths are correct, so what should I do with the other 39 points?? And do you think this army could work??

Thanks in advance

19-08-2013, 09:33
my first question is why a unit of 35 and a unit of 40 skeletons? seems unusual. 5 dire wolves is ok but i would say you could use more chaff. spirit hosts, bat swarms or more dire wolves always helpin that department.

if you need to clear up more points drop one of the necros to lvl 1, 8 lvls of magic seems a little too much to me.

which units are you thinkig of having your characters join?

19-08-2013, 17:37
You have 45pts more core than you need. Drop some skellies. You're going to be raising them anyway. Also, you only have one combat power - the GG. Can you squeeze another in there? Hexwraiths and varghulfs are pretty cheap points-wise and pack a bunch of S5 hits that are hard to wound back. They're also very maneuverable. Your vampire's skellies (assuming) are actually a fairly soft block, as the bones will just bleed combat res undermining your vampire's wound output. Speaking of undermining your vampire, I hate parry saves. So the other trickster's shard is a good investment.

Inglorious is right - drop one of your necros to level 1 and more chaff is more good.

Good luck!