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Sir Lambard
19-08-2013, 05:41

Since moving and watching OnceBitten's Batreps, I have decided to paint my Bretonnians and begin to get accustomed to 8th edition.
Please critique the following list that I have prepared:

BSB - Ogre Blade, Enchanted Shield - 124pts
Damsel - Lvl. 2 - 105pts

9 Knights Errant - FC, Errantry Banner - 221pts
11 Knights of the Realm - FC - 288pts
35 Men-at-Arms - Musician, Standard - 190pts

5 Mounted Yeomen - 75pts

Total: 1003pts

I can switch the Yeomen for Bowmen, but I like the idea they can hunt any warmachines/march block for my larger knight units.

Thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated.

19-08-2013, 09:46
the hero is cheap and dangerous, i like him.

lvl 2 is ok, guessing she goes in the men at arms

do not change the yeomen for bowmen, a fast march blocking unit is important.

i would also consider just taking 8 knights of the realm, with the BSB they will be more than dangerous enough to scare most enemy units in games of these points size. That will take you back into the 1000 points and so you are not 3 points over and can take a small unit of archers to provide some needed range support to kill enemy chaff.

Sir Lambard
19-08-2013, 14:42
Thanks for the advice. The level 2 does go in the men at arms. My question would be if I went to units of 10. The reason Im worried is if one knight gets sniped in a unit of 9, I will lose my 3rd rank bonus on the charge. I do agree with my inability to kill chaff though. Decisions, decisions.

23-08-2013, 12:41
I think at 1000 points 9-man lances are fine. Your AS makes you basically immune to BS shooting. In fact, you could even drop a few KOTR for some bowmen. The are cheap and can help deal with enemy chaff.

Sir Lambard
23-08-2013, 22:40
Another question then: after dropping the knights to 8 respectively, ill have 72 pts left over. Should i scrap the Bowmen and Yeomen idea for a unit of 3 Peg Knights?
I would have no shooting, but the PK's can flank charge and warmachine hunt more effectively than the Yeomen can solely based on armor and toughness. Thoughts?

28-08-2013, 17:47
Sorry to be a pain about this but are you intending on the damsel leading your army? Pretty sure you need to have at least 2 paladins, I may be wrong I am remembering the problems a friend had putting together 1000 pts of brets in the past

31-08-2013, 18:34
Sorry to be a pain about this but are you intending on the damsel leading your army? Pretty sure you need to have at least 2 paladins, I may be wrong I am remembering the problems a friend had putting together 1000 pts of brets in the past

Nah, you can take a Damsel as your General. I think you're thinking about the BSB rule, where a Bret Army is required to take one.

OP: It's fine taking a Damsel as your General, but if you plan on putting her in with the Men-at-Arms, I suggest bulking them up some more (in my 1,000pt list I'm running 41 Men-at-Arms, with 2 9-man lances). Also, very important, give her the Prayer Icon of Quenelles! The Blessing is a great buff to your peasants, and along with Beast's Wyssans Wildform, you can actually stand up to much fearsome enemies!

I also like taking at least 1 Trebuchet since it gives you a great way to (i) thin down hordes, (ii) take down high T monsters, and (iii) force the enemy to come to you.


01-09-2013, 23:20
Well, as Saulot says, you must have a bsb (who is helpfully a free upgrade), aswell as your general so with mounts but minus other gear that is ~150

I would think about two x 8 KOTR to put them in with a mind to keep them together to double punch on one flank where poss and refuse the other flank, they work out at ~400 naked

Then I would get two trebs. again just shy of 200. I think a treb is going to do more than a similar points of life or beasts sorceress, tho Wysans is OK.

so that is ~750. I would probably then split the change between two units of bows to fill the killing ground between your trebs and your knights and a couple of cheap shinies to kill ethereals, forgoing magic entirely at this points level.

A 2k list stuffed me today but it was the 1k similar to above that did the damage rather than the ineffectual magic, yeoman I shot down and men at arms who bimbled about (their bowmen struck at me with impunity with their longer range and fences).....oh yeah, that and the Green knight...which I killed 3 times and he was still on the board at the end...(but mercifully for everyone you cant take him at this level)

Mind you 3 pegs are a joy at war machine hunting. If my memory serves right, they are monstrous cavalry (stomp) but also flying cavalry...which automatically makes them fast cavalry (vanguard plus flee and rally/reform tricks) AND skirmishers (-1 to shoot)? the rules seem to open up further rules unless they have had the FAQnerf. As one tends to go second as brets you really can be on their war machines in your first turn. (another reason to pray as you couldn't charge if you went first)