View Full Version : 1000 Points Ogres vs Lizardmen (new)

19-08-2013, 21:19
ok, so I have my first game against my friends new Lizardmen collection (his first game with the Lizards too luckily).

He has a block of Saurus, a block of skinks with kroxigors, a skink shaman and a stegadon, totalling somewhere around 1k (might have skink skirmishers in there too not sure?!) He also bought a troglodon but dont think its built.

The tricky bit is I can only use whats painted in my large ogre collections (and vice versa for his new lizards)

So I'm very limited.

6Leadbelchers, 8 Ironguts, 6 ogres, a gorger.... That doesn't really allow me to field much in the way of characters.... I'm torn, do i take a butcher or a firebelly or a bruiser?! I think a bruiser and no magic would be bad, but then I'm stuck with which L2 wizard?! I do have a Giant I could take too but I just think its too many points in this game?!

Is it better to take a Butcher and lore of Maw to hopefully buff the ogres, or go for the Breathe weapon an offensive magic of a firebelly?!

Advice and arguments welcome.... I'm used to playing big games 2.5-3k I'm wondering if its worth loosing an Irongut for a magic banner for example?! The idea of a Firebelly and dragonhide banner both breathe weaponing the saurus in the same turn does sound good to me!