View Full Version : Terror Toad (Slann) and Temple Guard

21-08-2013, 23:50
Hi all,

I was wondering if a Slann with the Harrowing Scrutiny, which grants the Terror special rule, would result in any Temple Guard unit he is in causing Fear. The Guardians special rule for TG stipulates that if they are in base contact with a model with the Mage-Priest Palanquin special rule (Slann, Kroak, un-mounted Mazdamundi) that has the Fear special rule, then any TG in base contact with said model also cause Fear. Seeing as the BRB says that a model that causes Terror also causes Fear I just wanted to make sure that this would work, as the wording of the Guardians special rules deals with models that have the Fear special rule. In short, do models with the Terror special rule also count as having the Fear special rule? I ask because the BRB says that models with the Terror special rule cause Fear and that it works like Fear with the following additions, it does not state they have the rule itself. I personally believe that it should transfer but would like the views of others on this matter.


22-08-2013, 01:28
I agree the temple guard would cause fear.

23-08-2013, 11:55
I would also agree with tg causing fear

23-08-2013, 13:30
The TG would cause fear.