View Full Version : First List in 10+ Years: 1,000 DE

23-08-2013, 04:08
I am returning to the game after 10 years and have desided that Dark Elves are for me. After buying a Battaion some warriors and some heroes this is what I've come with. Please give advice (and I know, get a hydra).

Master on cold one, lance, cloak, heavy armour, shield, pendant of khaeleth (149 pts) usually will ride w/ cold one knights

Lvl 2 sorceress with tomb of furion and darkstar cloak (175 pts) hangs out in crossbow unit

Assasin! Additional hand weapon, rune of khaine, manbane (146 pts) in spearmen unit

25 spearmen with shields, musician, standard bearer, lordling (190 pts)

17 repeater crossbow with shields (187)

5 cold one knights with standard bearer (151)

......... 998 pts in total, how'd I do?

23-08-2013, 06:42
Well I would give your master a great weapon for sustained combat potency and make him the BSB. I would actually get him a dark pegasus but I am assuming you dont have a model for it quite yet. I usually dont take COK unless I have a big unit of them and have a hydra banner and/or a cauldron of blood to give them extra attacks but for this low of points they might work. The only real competitive way to run an assassin is to give him rending stars w/ manbane and put him with a shade unit. Still not all that competitive but a close combat assassin will almost always get killed by return attacks.

23-08-2013, 13:36
Thanks Cobra,

So put my Hero as a stand alone, and drop the cold ones for the hydra that I just ordered?

Does the Hero need Pearls of Infinite Bleakness to avoid loosing combat to ranks? If he has it he can't also have the Pendant (50 pts max magic items).

I was really looking forward to using the assasin, should I drop him for a BSB in the warriors (105 pts)?