View Full Version : WoC 1500 list reduced from 2400

23-08-2013, 10:03
I've got a 1500 point mini tournament this weekend so I've basically trimmed down my normal 2400 point list to test it out. I want to keep the units similar to the main list so I can practice with them some more.

Basically I've reduced the Daemon Prince to fit. Removed Festus, 5 Marauder Cav, 10 Forsaken and a Shaggoth. Then fiddled around to get 1500.

I don't plan on changing this list much I'm more looking for general advise with the list and any problems it may encounter.

Issue I can see currently are the lack of level 4 and relatively low number of units. Also that the main horde is slow and without Festus I think they may not work.

Daemon Prince: Sword of Striking; Charmed Shield; Dragonbane Gem; Soul Feeder; Level 2 Wizard; Lore of Nurgle; Chaos Armour; Mark of Nurgle.

Exalted Hero: Battle Standard Bearer; Enchanted Shield; Dawnstone; Mark of Nurgle.

39 Chaos Marauders: Standard Bearer; flails; Mark of Nurgle.
5 Chaos Warhounds
5 Chaos Warhounds

5 Chaos Knights: Standard Bearer; Ensorcelled Weapons; Mark of Nurgle.
6 Chaos Trolls

Chaos Spawn