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26-08-2013, 15:35
I recently purchased the following:

40 stormvemin
100 clanrats
40 slaves
20 night runners
Doom wheel
2 rat orges + pack master
2 Skaven Warpfire Thrower (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/productDetail.jsp?catId=cat440022a&prodId=prod1040377&rootCatGameStyle=)
2 Skaven Poisoned Wind Mortar

Im new to the game, and want help with hero choices and what to equip them with, i have 2 warlock engineers models, a grey seer and a BSB, so any help would be great
Also any suggestion on building my army list would be appreciated

02-09-2013, 18:16
Good luck with the rat-men!

You've the underpinnings of a solid list at around the 1500-2000 point range. 40 slaves and 2x40 units of clanrats make for a decent start at a 1500-1600 point list.

Skaven are built around big blocks of inexpensive infantry. Hero/Lord choices in lower point total games are mostly engineers, Grey seer, and BSB, and you have those. You've enough rat ogres to try an ogre dart if you're inclined, but don't need more right now. How many points is the local meta, or do you have a usual opponent?

03-09-2013, 18:21
hey im looking to build a 2000 point army, thanks

04-09-2013, 22:03
Haveing these models you´r list can sould be some thing like this.

Gray Sheer
Talisman Of Preservation
X: This is you´r Army´s General, this build is very basic and puts you´r lord at just under 300pts. you may want to bring a Earthing Rod

Chieftain (BSB)
Armor Of Desteny
Halberd 2pts
X: This is how I build my bsb, the armor gives him a 4+ ward so he wont die as easy. Stick him in a unit of Stormvermin and you´ll be fine.

Warplock Engineeer
X: You´r "Support Hero" can be lvl 1 or 2 wizard can bring items like the Doom Rocker and Warp-Energy Condenser, Find out how you´r going to use this guy and pick your build according to that.

Full Comand 20 pts

Full Comand 20 pts

X: You´r basic combat unit. You will need at approx 40 of them to win combat they drop like fly´s so you need the numbers, the spears bring extra attacks so I use them over HW + Shields. now you have 20 spear Clanrat so you could use them as extra slaves or as a small bunker for you´r lord (most bunkers are made of 30rats but you´r not going to melee combat whit this unit anyways (take shields on bunkers))

XX: Use Wepon teams as you like all skaven players have there thing for these toys

Full Comand 25pts
Razor Standard 45pts

X: This is you´r "Elite" Combat unit, Put you´r BSB in this unit just have it close to the canter of the gameing board,



X: Don´t get upgrades for these guys, keep your cheep units cheep thats what makes them good. A lot of players bring unit´s up to 50, but you need 20 of them close to you´r doom wheel so it wont end up killing you´r guys if things go bed. use the other units to hold foes for a turn and get a flank on them or fry them useing magic or flamethrower.

night runners....umm never used them or seen them used, they cost the same as Stormvermin but seem to be a bit worse. First you have the models try useing them as Gutter Runners to get behind the enemy lines.

2xRat Ogres 1xpackmaster

X: Flankers just flankers, they die if they get shoot at and if the are hit by magic. use as a small hammer to hit fanks,

Doom Wheel

X: Do I need to say some thing about this one....? Use vs heavy armor units, monsters and Cavalry. NOT vs large units

And there you go thats you´r list! Welcome to the Warhammer world new friend may the great horned rat bring you manny victories




17-09-2013, 02:36
Welcome to the Under Empire! The trick to these fury little buggers is distraction, disruption, and deception. I usually (when not facing my arch nemesis the High Elves) take between 60-100 clan rats ( multiple units), 100 slaves (multiple units), and plague monks with a priest in a furnace and the plague banner and rat darts. Dont forget Warplightning cannons and your Hell Pit (Bad mamajama...ate a whole block of saurus lastweek and a scar veteran....)

Distract him with the volume of slaves.
Disrupt his movement with rat packs (some perfer rat ogre darts)
Decisive your opponet with tricks (assassins, doomrockets, brass orbs, Dreded 13th, Plague, etc.)

No this maybe sacrilegious but i usually dont like bring weapons teams which are for some people half the fun of the army. Mine always get shot and/or blow up before i melt anyone.... ive been playing a High Elf buddy of mine for YEARS and just finally got my warpfire thrower close enough to melt a few white lions before a pheonix swooped in and ate him lol.

Have fun!