View Full Version : 1000 point Dark Angel list agains chaos (city fight)

27-08-2013, 11:45
What do people think of this?

1000 point list

Company master in terminator armour, mace of redemption, displacer field and auspex... 180

5x Deathwing knights... 235

Teminator squad wit thunder hammers.. 245

Dradnaught 100

6x Ravenwing bikers with x2 plasma

Attack bike with multimelta

The mission is to assanate the others hq and we dont have to take troops!!

Chosen the master instead of belial as we are playing chaos and his redemtion mace will be great, knocking down there ap and he will go in with the deathknights!!

27-08-2013, 12:22
you may have more luck posting this in the 40k tactics section :)

27-08-2013, 14:50
Fimd a way to get that dreadnought venerable for maximum fuff and coolness points and that will fit perfectly, all units being im on the big secrets!

Make the most of your los blocking cover and keep the bikes alive long enough to deepstrike your knights into a forward position and you should be golden.

also 40k tactics forum would be best!

27-08-2013, 23:11
Give the Dreadnaught Talisman of Preservation.