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The Boatman
28-08-2013, 18:11
Hello All,

As a notorius slow painter I've decided a log is in order to push me to get my Heresy-era Blood Angels painted up. I've collected miniatures for 20 years on and off and have always had a soft spot for the Angels - I remember fondly the old Codex Angels of Death book I went splits on with my brother so he could collect Dark Angels and I Blood Angels.

I absolutely love painting red marines, and after a few dalliances with Black Templars and a disastrous run-in with some Crimson Fists and a bad batch of Purity Seal, I've decided to return to my first love (though I also need to update my Ogre thread in fantasy!).

I absolutely love the Forgeworld Heresy kits, but have promised myself no more will be purchased until I've painted what I've got. I do plan to also add some 40k kits where they would fit (in particular a Storm Raven and a couple of Storm Talons).

So far I've painted up (in this order):

A Forgeworld GamesDay Boarding Marine Captain
A five man Breacher Squad (sadly purchased before the Heresy-specific one came out - BAH).
A five man Cataphracti Terminator Squad with special weapons.
A Furioso Contemptor

Currently Painting A five man Sanguinary Guard Squad (standard kit with one headswap and a weapon swap for one marine).

I also have an old Marine Captain I've stripped and a GamesDay marine Captain with Thunder Hammer to paint.

I'm going to write some fluff as I go along, but probably wont put too much effort into the background just yet until I get an opportunity to read the Blood Angel specific Heresy books for a bit inspiration and continuity (I'm a prolific reader, but 'Descent of Angels' gave me a 3 month long aversion to reading anything else by Black Library which I've only just overcome).

I've went for a pretty gritty feel, with quite a dark (almost crimson) red and some minor weathering and battle damage. My company symbol is a yellow teardrop, and the only miniature to be named so far is my contemptor, 'Brother-Captain Memnon', some fluff below on him as I was bored :).

So without further a-do - some pics:

The Boatman
28-08-2013, 18:24
And now my pride and joy - the Contemptor. I have to say this kit was an absolute pleasure to work with and a joy to paint. I'll definitely be picking up a few more. I may purchase the Emperor's Children one and file off the legion-specific markings (which appear to be fairly minor and look like they could be replaced easily with Blood Angel's brass etch) as I love the studding and the helm.

Anyway, 'Brother Captain Memnon - The Towering Fury and Butcher of Auaritia VI'.

'I can remember it clearly, vividly, like it was just yesterday. It wasn’t of course – it was one hundred and ninety standard years ago. They say you shouldn’t remember, that you sleep during the entire process. Floating in a warm dream the God Technology changes your body and warps your flesh, growing new organs and muscle, encased in a sarcophagus of gold ready to be rebirthed or else die in your sleep as your heart gives out.
That’s not how it was for me. I remember each minute of those long months, every millimetre of painful growth as my body was transformed into that of a titan. That was my second birth, my true birth, but not my final one. That occurred thirty-three years ago, and I remember that also.
Memory - a curse or blessing? I am thankful for it, for it forged me into what I am, what I must be to serve my Primarch and my Emperor. I often think back to my birth as an Astartes in these rare moments between the glorious carnage that I was created for, as I float imprisoned within the mute darkness of my own mind.
Blessed light! High Gothic script scrolls across in the inside of my perception sensors - diagnostics and external atmospheric readings flashing as sweet vision swims back into my head. I feel sensation begin to flood back into my arms, or at least where my arms would be – now a mess of cabling and arcane technology that links me to my adamantine and ceramite body.
“Brother-Captain, weapon load-out complete, please confirm weapon symbiosis-relay.” Says Tech-Brother Ramastus. I smile, though he can’t see, and experimentally flex the talons in each Power Claw. They respond and I run a small amount of current from my reactor through them, lightning arcing around the tips.
“Confirmed Brother.” I intone, my voice tinny and expressionless. It makes me frown as I recall my once-rich baritone, but I quickly reflect that such thoughts are nought but vanity. I am of more use as I am now than I ever was, a towering engine of righteous fury.
“Go then Captain– for Sanginius!”
“For Sanguinius!” I Cry back, the ablative metal shielding of the blast door peeling apart in front of me as I am released into the fray outside of the Eternity Gate. I pump power into my metal legs, pistoning my body forwards in a flat-out run. I pass the blast door in a blink and speed out into the turmoil, my brothers parting for me as a hurtle through,
“Memnon! Memnon!” they chant as I mount the bulwark and leap into the packed throng where brother fights brother. I smile and focus my hatred as I land, slashing with my claws and lancing plasma into those who would lay my Emperor low.
I believe in the Imperial Truth - a secular universe of technology and enlightenment. But as I lift a World Eater from the ground and snip his head from his shoulder I also know this: This is my Church.'


The Boatman
28-08-2013, 18:31
And what I'm working on now. I don't like the traditional all-gold look, so I've went with red with gold accent. Still hours of work left on these little fellas yet...


28-08-2013, 18:42
very nice I a too much prefer your sanguinary guard to the gw colour scheme. Do you have any plans for expanding after what you have already?

28-08-2013, 19:03
Very cool so far! The boarding marine looks great as BA. Sanguinary Guard do look great in normal red. I almost wish I'd done mine like that, but I'm doing my captains in gold as I'm a traditionalist (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/images/wallpapers/covers/BloodAngelsWallpaper_1680.jpg);-) Gonna repaint their laurels tho (green does not look good...). I wasn't sure what to paint them as, but your white laurels look great, so I'm gonna think about copying it. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

The Boatman
28-08-2013, 19:05
Thanks Dudde - appreciate your complements. Yep - absolutely will be getting more (and feverishly hiding the bank statements from the wife). I think it'll be two despoiler squads next (one Mark II, one Mark IV), a Mark III Heavy support Squad with heavy flamers (which look absolutely stunning) and the Legion Praetor set.. To be honest there are just so many great models being produced by Forgeworld at the moment it's hard to choose, so I'll have plenty to keep me busy until they get round to doing Legion-specific units for the Angels.

Also, just noticed my boarding marines didn't upload, so here you go:


The Boatman
28-08-2013, 19:16
Very cool so far! The boarding marine looks great as BA. Sanguinary Guard do look great in normal red. I almost wish I'd done mine like that, but I'm doing my captains in gold as I'm a traditionalist (http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/images/wallpapers/covers/BloodAngelsWallpaper_1680.jpg);-) Gonna repaint their laurels tho (green does not look good...). I wasn't sure what to paint them as, but your white laurels look great, so I'm gonna think about copying it. Looking forward to seeing what comes next!

Thank you! I just couldn't face all that gold! I'm considering painting up my Thunder Hammer Captain in the full golden regalia to see how it looks, but even painting these guyss red is a chore - there is just so much great detail on the Sanguinary kit (and I'm sick to death of the feathers on the wings already!). I think one of the fantastic things about a Heresy-era legion is you can be fairly liberal with the schemes and colours (up to a point) as there were so many companies/great companies etc.. that you can play with and invent fluff for.

I also didn't take a picture, but I'm really happy with the venting on the jump packs, which appear white-hot, so I'll ensure I get some rear shots (oo-er!) when I finish the squad. I'm going to try some blending and gradients on the power blades, so they won't remain white. A little nervous doing that without an air brush.

28-08-2013, 20:06

within the next few days I too will be starting a pre heresy blood angels thread, so its going to be good to have another one to go along side.

I think your early models look fabulous, particularly the contemptor, which looks fabulous, a sturdy model with a suitably gritty look!

Keep up the excellent work


my name is daniel and i am a wargamer

28-08-2013, 21:16
Wow awesome Blood Angels, the free hand on the shields and contemptor looks looks really smart. Nice work on the faces too

The Boatman
01-10-2013, 19:08
Okay guys, real life has been a bit hectic so not much painting done. I have managed to finish the white feathers on the sanguinary guard wings at long last but that doesn't make for a very interesting set of pictures. However, I couldn't resist buying the new Sternguard kit - I know, I know, not really Heresy but I don't care. I figure armour marks were pretty fluid and interchangeable at the Battle of Terra and well, they just looked too cool not to buy. Mixed and matched with some Sanguinary, Mark III and Cataphractii bits, and the below is the result. Still some mould lines and cleaning to sort before they get undercoated. I was really impressed with this kit, in particular the number of bare heads you get (a prime reason for buying it over the Vanguard) and the shear volume of weapon options. Loads left to use i the future (and I've saved the cool bearded face for a special occasion).


02-10-2013, 09:55
Really like the colour scheme mate! Lovely work!

02-10-2013, 10:48
Looks COOOL, like it keep it up :) :) :)

04-01-2014, 00:19
looking good!

20-01-2014, 18:05
Wow dude. Please give us some updates

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The Boatman
26-01-2014, 14:36









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The Boatman
26-01-2014, 14:37
Thanks guys! We'll, I've had some computer issues but finally figured out how to get pics up via my iPhone. So, update:

Sanguinary guard complete and also nearly finished my Sternguard. I've also got a Stormraven that's put together now but not yet primed. Sanguinary guard below, let me know what you think! Note - the veterans, remember, aren't finished

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26-01-2014, 15:41
Lovely stuff, I wanted to start a heresy army myself but i simply can't afford it. Your painting is wonderful, keep it up

The Boatman
26-01-2014, 15:58
Thanks Nixon! I really can't recommend the Forgeworld kits enough - they are stunning. You could always buy a squad at a time (though I hate the p&p costs that result).

On an additional note - all - I'm looking for a good quality very dark red spray paint to base my Stormraven. GWs is far too bright for what I want, and Tamiya dark red somehow seems a bit off. Anybody have experience with something suitable and would recommend?

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26-01-2014, 20:44
How did I miss this log? Some really fine work here dude - am loving the ornate yet 'lived in' feel. Great stuff :)

The Boatman
27-01-2014, 07:02
Thank you punkfish - that's high praise indeed coming from you. Your mammoth Blood Angels plog is what inspired me to start mine!

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The Boatman
02-02-2014, 18:13






So - as you can see I've finished the veterans! I'm really pleased with these, in particular the gems and faces. I thinned down my coats much more than usual and was really pleased with the results. Just the storm raven now, though not sure I want to attempt until I get an airbrush.

I also spent much longer on the bases and am really happy with the overall result, though there is still room for improvement. Il have to update the others to match now!

I love the new Mark II and Mark III command sets but can't decide which I prefer - I like standard bearer better in the III but the officer better in the II.

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The Boatman
02-02-2014, 18:15
And here a few army shots, together with unprinted Storm Raven (and shifty looking Ogres in background).





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02-02-2014, 18:16
I really like the blue shading on the white, something I always struggled with. Very nice work so far.


04-02-2014, 07:02
These look great, The blood angels are one of my favorite heresy era forces. The sons of Sanguinius should always be the most noble of legions and you have captured that perfectly. Looking forward to more.

04-02-2014, 08:43
The choice of the white spot colour works very well with Blood Angels, and the blue shading provides a great contrast with the red armour.

Re the Storm Raven - I painted mine without an airbrush, it does obviously take longer but I found that by spraying it with the initial base colour and then breaking it down into sections, it makes the job a bit more manageable.

08-02-2014, 16:55
Lovely painting. Subbed.

Regarding sprays I am using Army Painter Pure Red for my BA Legion. Shaded with their Red Shade it comes out a medium blood red.

The Boatman
08-02-2014, 21:00
Thanks for the lovely comments guys. I've primed the storm raven today and am going to make a start on it tomorrow the old fashioned way I think. I've also ordered a P3 wet palette online as I've heard fantastic things about using them for blending.

Question - unsure what to get next. I need some regular troops but can't decide on what mark of armour or whether to go for bolter armed marines or pistols and chain swords. Suggestions welcome!

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09-02-2014, 07:02
I really like your style of Angels though I wish your photos were a little better. :) You've done wonders with the Sternguard models.

I'd grab a Despoiler squad for your next purchase, and use them as an assault squad. The Mark IV is a nice bridge between the older and newer marks, but tbh I like them all.

The Boatman
09-02-2014, 20:21
Thanks DarkMark! Yes, my pictures leave a little to be desired but I'll probably invest in a little light box and a decent camera at some point soon. I knew people would suggest Mark IV Despoliers, and I do really like them, but Mark II's would give me an excuse to purchase that great new Mark II Command set! Still, I think I WILL go for the IVs. Anyway, I was going to start the Storm Raven today but found my tank brush has stiffened up (any excuse not to start that basecoating!) so will need to get a new one tomorrow. In the meantime I did a little kit bash with a Gamesday Captain I've stripped (so excuse my filthy finger nails as a result). Really pleased with him, and think I'll get him a Mark II jump pack to go with the assault squad I fancy building sometime soon. I think he looks like a right badass!


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The Boatman
10-02-2014, 22:59
So, small update. Base coated the Storm Raven with Tamaya Dull Red spray which has came out a lovely deep red colour. Also managed to get most of the bare metal painted. I'll try and block in the black and other colours tomorrow, clean it up and wash it down. Will then be able to make a start on layering on Wednesday. Have to say I think the Raven is a great kit now I'm up close and painting it, and really look forward to adding some freehand and weathering it.


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The Boatman
15-02-2014, 15:25
Okay - so fairly unremarkable update, but some solid work completed on the Raven - building up the red layers now and blocked and inked any bare metal. Also, jump pack for my sergeant arrived and my new wet palette. Have to say I don't know how I did without one - really makes blending easy and conserves a load of paint!


Check out my Heresy-era Blood Angels here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?379704-Primus-Angelus-The-Battle-for-Terra-Heresy-Era-Blood-Angels

16-02-2014, 06:52
Great looking blood angels and yeah how awesome are wet palettes!!!!!!!

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15-06-2014, 00:06
great work so far I really like the red sanguinary guard squad!