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Kurgan Ironbeard
29-08-2013, 10:39
I'm going to try a cavalry list this weekend (list below), and it will be the first time I'm using Demigryphs ever. When I originally played Empire they weren't in the book, and I've not played with monstrous cavalry in any other army, I've seen them being used but I don't think they were used well as they got chopped to pieces after charging 30 great swords. So I was wondering if you could give me suggestions on how to use them, like what what I should target?

Templar Grand Master - Runefang / Other Tricksters shard / Shield - 259

Warrior priest - great weapon / heavy armour / barded warhorse / dragon helm - 98
White Wolf BSB - barded warhorse / full plate / dawnstone / great weapon - 138
Wizard - level 2 barded warhorse - 116

11 Inner Circle Knights - lances - full command / banner of eternal flame - 315

8 Knights of the White Wolf - great weapons / full command - 206

5 Outriders- marksmen / musician / - 125

3 Demi gryphs - full command / steel standard - 239


Lord Solar Plexus
29-08-2013, 10:52
Here's a Tactica for all-Cavalry Empire armies that gives some basic insights into the concept and do's and don't's:

To see how some clever people actually use it, I recommend some of the Tactical Exposition Games (TEG) on the same site:

TEG 5 is Empire vs. HE, still ongoing:


TEG 4 was against Ogres:


In general, I believe you would be better served with more "heavy chaff". As you can see from TEG 5, a unit of 5-6 vanilla Knights was enough to beat a Frost Heart Phoenix. They can handle fast cav and other chaff, kill WM and double flee, amongst other things.

Without them, you're relying too much on brute power, which Empire, while much more of a combat army often cannot apply. You need to use every inch of mobility and maneouverability you've got to get the right matchups.

Kurgan Ironbeard
29-08-2013, 12:15
I altered my list using the suggestions from that article you linked :) I'm still not sure about demigryphs though, ain't they toughness 3 because you use the riders toughness, also are they best going for weaker units rather than elite units?

Wizard - level 4 warhorse - 218
Arch lector Warrior priest - hand weapon/ shield / heavy armour / barded warhorse / dragonhelm - 142

BSB - barded warhorse / full plate / dawnstone / shield / lance - 141
Captain - Pegasus / full plate / enchanted shield / lance - 123

10 Inner Circle Knights - lances - full command - 280

5 Knights - lances/shields / musician - 120

5 Knights - lances/shield / musician - 120

5 Outriders- marksmen / musician / - 125

3 Demi gryphs - musician / steel standard - 229


29-08-2013, 16:25
Demis are t4 due to FAQ of BRB. They can be Dangerous and tough as nails :) OFC charging greatswords or other similar troops frontally may prove different. They are good against armoured targets due to armour piercing rules. What Lore will Your wizard will be sporting?

Kurgan Ironbeard
29-08-2013, 18:37
I'm thinking Heavens, or light. Heavens because of the armour buffs and the additional damage spells it has, light because I've always been meaning to use it but never have.

29-08-2013, 21:20
both are legit with cavalry armies. I prefer heavens due to -1 Ld/to hit hex in a signature spell. But ight has it's own boons.

This Saturday I'm playing all cavalry battle against VC. He has 500 pts. more then me, I can only spit 0-1 Reiksguard, 0-1 Inner, Vannillas, pistols, outriders and one special campaign hero :D That is a hard nut to crack for me :) it's a part of warhammer campaign Circle of Death from 5th edition of Warhmmer, fun but in 3 out of 4 battles odds are against me. I'll do my best. By the way, Lord Solar Plexus, thanks for the link :) I have my own way for running cav armies, bu this time, against such odds I think I'l give it a try ;).

Kurgan Ironbeard
29-08-2013, 23:02
Any tactical advice? Do I use the two units of 5 knights as a screen for the big unit or do I use them to flank?

30-08-2013, 06:41
use them to flank/ getting to opponent's backfield.

Lord Solar Plexus
30-08-2013, 06:56
Don't be a slave to just one job description, adapt to the situation. You can use the small knights as screens, as flankers, as WM hunters, as chaff hunters, as bait, to double flee and completely stall a unit, as a suicide squad to charge in and direct all possible attacks at a character and so on. They're not all that badass in a straight fight but they are very versatile if you know how to employ this ability.

Regardless of your list or concept, flanks are *always* better. When 8th was published, many decried that a flank charge was now worthless. Believe me, it isn't, it often will completely turn the result on its head.

Cavalry can still bounce off infantry blocks or get stuck and lose all impetus, so stacking the odds in your favour is a good idea. You are mobile and can often pick your fights but you don't have to move 14" each turn. Sometimes it's better to wait and pick off small support units, sometimes you need to crush a vital unit asap. The advantage is that you can change your deployment positions very fast and achieve local superiority. Use the small knights or pistoliers or what have you to block their support.

A Captain on a Pegasus is also a very flexible addition. I had a 1,000 point all-Knight game against O&G lately, and that Doom Diver really, really hurt. Had I used my Captasus more smartly, I could have prevented one round of shooting, conserved half a unit and stood a chance against his big block.

Having said this, I should have avoided that block to start with - after bagging the DD, chukka, light cav, chariot and L2, I was up by enough for a win, it's just that I wasn't in the mood to play hide and seek. ;)