View Full Version : Multiple Slann in One Temple Guard Unit

30-08-2013, 10:24
One of the more significant changes made in regards to Slann and Temple Guard is that the Slann is now capable of leaving/joining the unit or not being placed in it at all. To my knowledge, however, no one has mentioned yet that it is now possible to put multiple Slann in the second rank of the same unit of Temple Guard. Previous editions stipulated one Slann per Temple Guard and that they must remain within the unit. Do you think that this is merely an oversight on GW's part and will be in future Errata or was this intentional (multiple Slann in TG block)?

p.s. Yes, I know multiple Slann in one TG block would be a prime example of putting all your eggs in one basket and that you would further cut into TG supporting attacks, therefore making it a bad idea.


30-08-2013, 15:14
Seems mental as you say, but I don't see why you can't.

Grammaticus Bane
04-09-2013, 22:20
Rule used to say no explicitly. Now rule doesn't say either way, so as long as you have 5 models with Guardian in the front rank, throw 2 Slann in that one unit. Just as the rule doesn't say you cannot leave the unit anymore. You can step out the turn before you charge, if you wish.

Good idea, probably not. But definitely possible.