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03-09-2013, 13:10
Hello again fellas, been a while off the boards, but have returned! my latest army project is that of the warriors of chaos, and since i have always loved papa Nurgle, going with a nurgley themed army was too good to pass up.

so here is what i have been running lately, haveing pretty good results, although, some matchups only end in me crying into my dice

2500 points

Chaos lord, mark of nurgle, halberd, opal amulet, mutations: soul feeder and +2 armor 273 pts
Chaos Sorcerer lord, Mark of Nurgle, lvl 4 caster, Talsiman of 4+ ward, mutation: +1 spell and + 1 to channel 350 points
exalted hero, mark of Nurgle,shield, sword of +1 str, Talisman of 5+ ward, battle standard bearer 198 points
exalted hero, mark of nurgle, halberd, armor of destiny, riding demonic mount with barding (aka: The Murderpony)mutation: Nurgle's rot 236 points
Chaos Chariot, mark of nurgle 125 points
12 chaos warriors, shields, mark of nurgle, full command 234 points
12 chaos warriors, shields, mark of nurgle, full command 234 points
5 chaos warhounds, vangaurd 40 points
5 chaos warhounds, vangaurd 40 points
5 chaos knights, mark of nurgle, magic weapons, full command 255 points
chaos warshrine, mark of nurgle 135 points
10 chosen mark of nurgle, halbards, full command 260points
Chaos spawn, mark of nurgle 60 points
Chaos spawn, mark of nurgle, 60 points

now dont tell me why it wont work. i keep hearing that from guys i am about to beat. the multiple small units work with the chaos characters leading them. dont tell me Hero on Murderpony is cannonbait. he is but it doesnt matter, CUZ HE'S ******* MURDERPONY. never lost him to a cannon yet. cannon balls bounce, he makes his ward save, or they only do a wound. Murderpony is my favorite model (the old nurlge lord on a demonic mount) and he rawks the house. talk to me about comp. talk to me about how you would rate me in a tournament.

what's the verdict?

03-09-2013, 14:11
I love it! You know why? Because it's different from all the typical WOC armies, kudos to you my friend! I like that it's mono-nurgle. The only concern I have is the unit strength of the warrior units. I know they're -1 to hit but I would MAKE sure you only charge along side with one of your chariots. You'll need the impact hits, all it takes is one bad roll from the warriors and they'll be running for the hills. I also have been having some luck with Mutalith Vortex Beast. It has great synergy with the Lore of Nurgle or Death.

03-09-2013, 17:10
the magic items are a little different from what i have here. this is actually not a legal list.

I played against my buddies Lizards and thier majestic space frog and damn near tabled him. my chaos lord killed 9 temple gaurd in 2 rounds of combat by himself.

Chaos rawks!

edit: roster fixed.

03-09-2013, 20:04
Rubbish list! Where is your flying, death magic, soul feeding Daemon Prince and your regenerating Chimeras? You must not have gotten the memo stating that Chaos Warriors and Chosen are worthless!? ;)

Only joking, mate. I like the list, as it is far removed form the usual WoC build. You also avoid the biggest gripe that a lot of WoC players using the DP/Chimeras show have, i.e cannons blasting you off the table by turn two.

Good to see someone staying away from internet...wisdom(?).

03-09-2013, 20:37
My demon princes are all hiding in plain sight. 4 unit champs. i spawn one every second or third game on average, and have gotten two in one game twice. that bad thing is when a exalted hero wins a challenge and he's too far from the shrine, i turned murderpony into a demon one game, handed my opponent 240 points, and then lost!

still it's really fun to try. a local player refered to my army as "stealth filth". lol.

03-09-2013, 21:48
Which Composition rating system would you like us to rate you on? Swedish Comp, E.T.C., CrossRoads GT???? We need parameters and restrictions in order to comp score your list. I could comment on it but it would simply be my opinion and wouldn't matter at all for a comped tournament.

04-09-2013, 04:23
i'm just saying if you met me in a tourney how would you score it? friendly? hateful? what?

04-09-2013, 14:52
I like it, im not attacking the murder pony but wouldn't a palanquin be more nurgle style? It would be a fun and fairly simple conversion.

I would score this fairly high on being a characterful list and for not using the auto includes options, if you put this up a tournament i suspect you will do well just for having such a different list.

05-09-2013, 21:44
the Stinky throne has it's place, with the infantry. i have a conversion, and may try it (+1 ar save, +2 wounds, +6 str 3 attacks AND a str 3 stomp) on a hero level caster. but Murderpony is for the cav, and i need a cav hammer unit to be effective. and the Murderpony is that. 3+/4+ T 5 with 4 str 6 attacks, 2 str 5 attacks and a str 5 stomp? with three wounds? MURDERPONY IS DEATH INCARNATE. besides if you'd ever seen the model, there is no doubting it's nurgleyness.

06-09-2013, 06:49
Well if I had to make a decision on what I could invision seeing across the battlefield from my army; My honest opinion would be that I wouldn't be very afraid to face it. I think you have very good synergy and very tough troops. I just don't like the fact that your units really don't have much meat to them. In my gaming area this list wouldn't do very well. It doesn't have the lasting power to deal with huge super hordes. I'm talking about 60 Tomb Guard with King and special character that gives the entire unit frenzy and Hatred, 50 Savage Orc Big Un's, Dwarven Gunlines, Empire Gun Lines/with heavy magic, Vampires in Blood Knight bus, Irongut Death Star units, cheeseball Skaven Horde lists. This just some of the crap I have to face on a regular basis in my area. I just don't think this list has enough numbers to take any kind of ranged attack(shooting or magic) or any kind of grindfest fight.

Maybe in your area you don't have to face what I do and your list just kicks ass. Right on brother. In that case keep on with it.