View Full Version : Wargames Foundry release ex-Citadel Mercenaries, Blandford Warriors and Barbarians

Citadel Collector
03-09-2013, 14:35
Foundry have recently dug out the moulds for the old Citadel (1980's) Mercenaries, Blandford Warriors and Barbarians - thought that might be of interest to you Empire players. Pics on my blog:



And you can order the mercenaries directly from their website (you'll have to call if you want to order the Blandford Warriors and Barbarians):


They still have lots of old moulds to dig out so who knows what other good stuff they may find? :cool:

03-09-2013, 16:50
Nice! I would love to get some old treasures like these...

03-09-2013, 17:02
I wonder if they have the old Slann... I have about 10 Lonely Slann from the 80's that would like some friends, and a Slann Mage without a Palaquin.

Lars Porsenna
03-09-2013, 17:44
I'd love to see them release the rest of the old (3e) Bretonnian range. Still quite a few figures that never made it over. Also I would go head-over-heels if the old Norse or Imperial Dwarf lines came over -- though I have my doubts that will happen...


03-09-2013, 20:29
Big fan of oldschool models, glad they get re-released!

Citadel Collector
04-09-2013, 09:46
Comaprison pics now added. The results are very interesting: