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Colonel Lexx
04-09-2013, 21:36
Just started painting my new Cadian command squad any suggestions on things that might make their bases look a little more interesting than just a standard base?

04-09-2013, 21:45
I know that I will be demolished for this advice, but:

GW sells basing kits, basically a plastic box with many, many different materials to work with. Stones, plastic parts like debris, flocking etc. They come in different themes, and I (!) like them very much! I bought two of them, and both are still half full, after assembling many models. Then again I also use them only to add some highlights/interesting stuff to the base.

I hope someone will name alternative sources for similar basing kits, as with all stuff GW I am quite sure they are too expensive.

Then again you can use bits and pieces to make battlefield junk, like broken guns, clips. Take some sprues (I mean the actually sprues), work with an exacto knife on them to make them into steel girders on the ground and paint them in rusting colors. Clip some drinking straws from your last fast food visit and make them into pipes sticking out of the ground. Take some old USB-cable, remove some part of the rubber part, and make it into a broken LasCannon-powerfeed with the cables sticking out.

IMHO: just don't overdo it. I don't like armies where EVERY base of every single trooper has too much going on. But that is just MHO.

PS: Always, ALWAYS add one or more slain Space Marine helmets in Ultramarine colors. It's NEVER wrong! (I am a Word Bearers player....still....DO IT!)

04-09-2013, 22:25
All very good advice. What he said :-). All I can add is maybe look at texture paints. GW does a good range, but I am sure cheaper alternatives are out there. If you want to experiment, start out doing objective markers rather than your models. That way you don't end up with something you don't like on a HQ model.

04-09-2013, 22:31
Get to a train hobby shop they sell model sand and grit. I just you bird cage sand from wilkos, a couple of quid for enough stuff to base several armies

04-09-2013, 22:54
Just started painting my new Cadian command squad any suggestions on things that might make their bases look a little more interesting than just a standard base?

PVA, sand, dust, debris found in a vacuum, cat litand brown paint mixed together makes a very churned gravelly muddy texture that looks very lifelike for trench warfare..

and generally the basing kits i have found to be very useful.. and gardening centres for fine grades of sand..

sand paper drybrushed looks good too

04-09-2013, 23:54
yeah Tuo covered most everything that can be said, i personally just use my extra bits, broken guns and body parts that came as a bonus, i know for a fact from playing IG that alot of their kits come with empty helmets, might be only the infantry kit and not the command squad, but i like to use them to add a little bit of flavor to a base

05-09-2013, 04:17
Woodland Scenics is a great source for basing and board building. You can find their line at any train shop. As for other ideas, you could cast bases in clear resin so your army's bases match whatever table you play on. You can get some great basing materials from outside. Just wander around looking at the rocks. If one is too large, but you like it, a hammer is a good solution. Basalt and pumice are great rocks, although you may need to find a rock shop or travel a little. Abandoned quarries also tend to have some neat rocks for bases. Another alternative is to consider something like what I did with my Tau where I cut the Christmas village road and glued it to the base and called it done. You could do a variety of similar things, like lay strips of plasticard (or on the cheap cut up gift cards that are empty) to form wooden floor themes or take a screen mesh and cut to fit with the occasional plasticard strip to give a more industrial feel. Then there are always those oh so pretty resin bases from companies like blackcatbases, armorcast, or dragonforge just to name three off the top of my head.

As for me, I use two base schemes. The first is just Army Painter's Battlefields steppe grass and this only goes on my Dark Angels army and my Blood Bowl team, the Valhalla Foulers.

On my other armies, except Tau that use the Lemax cobble road glued to the top of the base, I go with a volcanic ash scheme I copied rather accurately from a National Geographic. I achieved that by basing a sand covered base with Adeptus Battlegrey, followed by a black ink wash, then dry brush Fortress Grey over top. Sadly, this image is a little overexposed as I cannot get the borrowed camera to do as I command. Same goes for the Deathwing, although my Blood Bowl team is right.

05-09-2013, 11:42
While I appreciate the work people put into their bases, I've never bothered with them too much. My SW bases are just painted light brown with sand and dead grass glued on randomly with PVA glue (I don't paint over the sand). Necron bases are basically a layer of sand painted over with grey (Mechanicus Standard Grey?) and dipped/washed with black to bring a little more life to them (life onto a death world type ash base, ironic...). Sometimes I might pay a little extra attention if I'm modeling a special character etc, but for normal troops I never put too much effort in.

1) I think the most important thing to remember is CONTRAST. If your models are dark, use light coloured bases and vice versa. It really helps make your models pop out on their bases.

2) It's a PAIN to rebase models or repaint the bases, so try a few different colours and themes and stick with the one you like the most.

3) Nothing looks quite as horrible as an army with too varied bases. Keep the basic colours similar, and at the least paint the edge of the base the same colour throughout your army.

05-09-2013, 12:46
Also, if you have multiple armies (or intend to), having a single unified base scheme for all or at least most of them makes games of Apocalypse look better when you start rolling out large chunks of your collection all at once from across different armies. Plus, it will give you some incentive to make your own gaming table that matches your universal scheme.

Sir Didymus
05-09-2013, 13:48
Consider the battleground you're fighting over and try to emulate it.

And don't bother if what you're doing is just a layer of sand with some colour and dry brushing, you need at least two elements more; something to add some difference in height, and something to add some contrast - a tuft of grass or a skull etc.

Personally my armies are based like this: a grey stony concrete debris texture (grey is a great color as its complimentary to anything else, and so accents your model), with detailing in the form dirty brassy bits - sprue, cutup lascannons, vehicle hatches, etc. etc., as I imagine the fight to happen on a bombarded forge world :)

But basing is easy, and you'll be surprised at how much effect even just a little bit of effort gives a model :)