View Full Version : Tournament objectives idea

07-09-2013, 10:25
Coming up with a mission for 1500pt tournament and hit on an idea about objectives and wanted to run it past WS.

12" standard deployment
Each player gets to place 3 objectives anywhere on the board with the normal distance restrictions

If you caputure an objective in you opponents deployment - 3pts
No ones deployment - 2pts
Your deployment - 1pt

Pretty simple so easy to understand and get gaming quickly but tricky enough to really make you think about your plan, do you put all yours and hunker down or risk placing them a bit far forward.

I kinda wanna encourage dynamic tense games.

07-09-2013, 12:46
That sounds like quiet fun. I have modified the 'Rules of engagement' from an old codex to fit te current edition. Where both players have different missions, may want to look it up so you can combine the two.

I think it would definitely add an additional level t the game

07-09-2013, 18:44
Deploy in opposite corners, table quarter victory conditions, roll D3 at the start of the game to see whether Elites, Fast Attack or Heavy Support count as scoring in addition to troops.