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Archon of Death
08-09-2013, 17:09
I'm getting back into the game and am wondering what the community's experiences havd been like, especially in 6th.

I should probably tell you that with Tyranids I'd be playing a heavy army, Warriors and MCs all around. With SM I'd be running an Iron Hands mech list and with Guard my choices would be heavily LR based. I've always been a fan of AC armies, but the Tyranids have also always had the appeal of being beautiful. Regardless I'm very interested in everyone's opinions all around.

08-09-2013, 17:27
I love the guard in this edition. Sure they die just as easily but you might get one or two before the super-humans clad in tank armor rip your men apart with chainsaw-swords.

In seriousness: the guard are very well balanced and there are tons of options and you can play just about any way you want. Air-assault, mech, infantry hordes, armored company, and every zany thing you can think of (except all rough riders or abhumans).

With the guard you'll never be really disappointed because even if the men die in droves its because they're just average guys thrown at the horrors of the universe in the name of the god-emperor. You'll see sniper teams get killed by marker drones, a lone melta-gunner outliving his sgt and finishing off a full squad of fire warriors and everything in-between.

08-09-2013, 18:14
Don't be so quick to dismiss abhumans, sure ogryn may suck for the moment, but for ten points you get a stealthed up camo-cloaked infiltrating BS4 sniper rifle. Take them in little squads, and they'll annoy the enemy no end, as he is forced to deal with little 30 point pockets of resistance all over the place. I'm currently trying them in a squad of 10, and they give a nice handful of placed and rending shots per turn. Psykers are good too. Just because something isn't a vendetta doesn't mean it can't serve you well. Like Fangschrecken says, the guard has a lot of viable options. And when they do something heroic, it feels all the better for being a squishy human, not a power armoured gene-mutant!

08-09-2013, 18:45
Space Marines just got their new book, but over all they won't change too drastically I don't think. It's nice that you no longer have to take special characters to get chapter tactics. The new dex rounded out their anti air options, officially added the flyers, and have a new elite infantry unit. The chapter tactics may be the biggest change up, with things like relentless devastators, twin linked tac squads, etc.. It's a bit early, but I see them as being a very solid dex. Not quite Tau, but better than CSMs minus the drake.

IG is still one of the top codexes. The main list around here tends to be a mech gun line behind an Aegis for 4+ cover, platoon bubble wrap, with a smattering of Vendettas to deploy troops on objectives and provide anti-air. Pretty much the only change in 6th was an Aegis line becoming standard.

Nids are REALLY strong right now. The problem is that strength pretty much comes in the form of one list. HQ: flyrants w/ dual devourers. Troop: tervigons, termagaunts. Elite: hive guard, Doom, possibly zoeys. Fast: mostly ignored, except some take gargoyles to screen the tyrants. Heavy: biovores for the most part. However I actually like running a plane Jane Tyranofex in mine. Mainly you have MC's spamming Biomancy hoping for iron arm, endurance, and enfeeble. The 5th edition dex always had bad internal balance. In 6th the disparity has increased thanks to the easy access to biomancy. The good news is that Nids are supposedly next up to get a dex, so that should change things up a bit. Otherwise if you like the power list, you'll love them, if you don't you will hate them.

Archon of Death
08-09-2013, 19:10
Thanks so far, guys. As for disregarding ogryns and such, I'm an AC commander from way back in 3rd and it isn't so much that I am disregarding them as I just enjoy the tanks. Heck, my SM chapter of old was all mech, too. I'm actually really glad this edition has allies since that means if I don't play Nids I'll be able to take the best of both worlds.

Recently I've been reading tactics and such and have found that both options are poorly regarded as tanks are viewed as weaker than before and the Warrior heavy army is seen as too fragile.

And with regards to established lists I really don't care for winning all the time, I just want to avoid picking a dud that will seldom have a chance.

Anyway, continue with your experiences, you're definitely selling me on playing again, lol.

08-09-2013, 21:50
And with regards to established lists I really don't care for winning all the time, I just want to avoid picking a dud that will seldom have a chance.

Well, that's great, but Nids don't have the luxury of a diverse list. Trust me, I tried. But they (IG as well) should be getting a new book in the coming months if rumours are to be believed.

Archon of Death
08-09-2013, 21:55
So for 'Nids it's pretty much the cookie cutter list or the high road?

Actually, here's a question on IG/SM

Would you consider a Servo Skull an option for a Servitor? I've always been enticed by Servo Skulls since they were heavily used in 40k artwork and have always been let down by the fact the Servitor is an ugly semi-robotic human (seriously, they look like they'd make better Skitarii than Servitors).

09-09-2013, 15:50
So for 'Nids it's pretty much the cookie cutter list or the high road?

It's not so much cookie cutter as it is a matter of there being clear stand out choices in the dex. You need some form of anti air in 6th, and in the current codex your only real option are Flyrants. So you will need at least one, probably 2 to deal with things like Helldrakes than can cause havoc with your army. So there goes 520+ points of your army right there. Then you are going to need some anti tank. There really is one clear cut choice for ranged anti tank, and that is hive guard. You'll want two squads for redundancy, and 2-3 in each squad. That's another 200-300 points. Then you get to the troops section, and nothing is stronger than tervigons, who can spam biomancy and spawn more scoring troops. You will also want more than one, plus the mandatory termagaunts to unlock them. That's close to another 500 points. So that's 1200-1300+ points right there. So for a 1500 point list you don't have a lot of wiggle room if you take the clear cut choices. That's the problem with the Nid dex. I happen to like the power list and was playing something similar at the end of 5th, but others who want to play what they want, will struggle to compete. Not to say that there is no flexability, there is. It just takes a big investment to cover all your bases with the clear cut options the dex has available.

Archon of Death
09-09-2013, 16:46
Hm, it would be interesting to know when they're scheduled for a new dex. That may see some change, like an AA option and a larger arial support choice. Every time I start seeing SM/IG as a good option, the consideration of 'Nids having a new dex brings me back.

09-09-2013, 17:25
Nov/Jan depending who you ask. I think Nov is likely as there are more rumours floating about for Nids than Orks or IG.

Archon of Death
09-09-2013, 18:41
So they'll be getting anti-aircraft then and a model for the units we still don't have. Cool, but with a new IG list... well actually they'll make manticores squadrons, Vends will go up in points, and AC still won't exist, which is okay because we always needed some fodder anyway. Oh and the psyker glitch for 'nids will be gone. So both are still open. SM has... kind of... my chapter represented through IH rules...