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08-09-2013, 18:33
I have recently started a space wolves army, so far I have:

20 grey hunters

1 drop pod

1 razorback/rhino

5 fenrisian wolves

5 assaulty terminators

6 long fangs (2 las, 2 heavy bolter, 1 missile and a leader)

5 scouts (4 bolsters 1 missile)

1 rune priests

And a couple of random spare random guys

looking to make my army a bit bigger, where should I go next?

i was thinking of some space marine allies. I really like the storm talon, so I was thinking of getting one. And maybe a captain on a bike with some bike troops, good idea? Bad idea? Better ideas?

08-09-2013, 18:59
A Wolf Lord and/or some Wolf Guards might be nice. I've had good success with a Lone Wolf, but I mainly play small friendly games, so I don't know if they are any good in more competitive games. Also, I think the Space Wolves can actually field the Storm Talon themselves, but I'm not sure. Best to check FAQs or Death from the Skies.

Lord Squidar
08-09-2013, 19:02
Just about every space wolf player will jump on here in a second and tell you to get only grey hunters and long fangs and nothing else. They are the best units in the game for sure, but pah to that. Take the models you like the look of!

I would add some HQ choices in before you go on, try out a nice thunderwolf lord (with some buddies) its dead fun since he is basically a greater daemon on a wolf, almost as expensive as one too!

08-09-2013, 20:09
thanks guys, sounds like some sensible advice. I usually play small games too, never played any tournies, only started 40k (and wargaming altogether!) I forgot to mention I also bought an Arjack rockfist, also the termies i mentioned are wolfguard.

I am definitely the kind of guy who will take cool looking models, even if they arent as strong, Im thinking of 2 15 wolf squads just cos i think it would be very cool!

So maybe ill get a Njal storm caller for an HQ, cos he looks very cool.

I do really love the look of the storm talon though, do you guys think some bikes (for a HQ and troops) is a good way to squeeze a storm talon into my army? I think bikes would go well with my current set up. I know allies arent a MUST especially at 1500 points etc, but could it work?

08-09-2013, 20:10
I'd say add in some more HQ and maybe a lone wolf or two, space wolves are all about the individuals.

09-09-2013, 09:24
anyone else got any tips?

I really cant figure out if i should buy the space marine allies I like, or do I up my wolves, maybe another battleforce and rhino/razor? so much to consider!

09-09-2013, 09:59
I'd say in this order;

1x SW battle Force; to give an extra unit of GHs and then bodies for characters, lone wolves etc, and a drop pod
1x Drop pod; with the one you have, the BF one, and this you'll have the minimum of 3 though more is always useful
Long Fangs; from Forge World as they'll be cheaper to get ;)
2x TWC boxes; one will make a Lord and the other 5 for a unit
* not essential, but perhaps a new box of Tacticals to mix up with the GHs

List for White Scar Ally
1x Dark Angel battle force; best way to get the bikes for captain and squad, but remove the obvious DA bling
2x Storm Talon or 1x Storm Talon and Storm Raven

Happy hunting!

09-09-2013, 10:58
Sounds like a lot of great advice, I like most of your ideas

The only query I have is, are you sure about the DA battleforce? I love the idea of white scar allies, but with bikes coming in boxes of 3 now, wouldnt it be cheaper just to get a couple of those and not have to worry about DA bling?

and do you think the order is important? I can see how I need more troops.... especially in objectives games so maybe the battleforce is next, where do you get forgeworld long fangs?

09-09-2013, 11:27
I would just get two boxes of 3 bikes rather than the battleforce, it's a lot cheaper if you're not after the landspeeder or dark angels bits. That and a stormtalon would give you the basics for your allied list, if you want two fliers though you'd have to take the stormraven rather than a second stormtalon as you can only have one fast attack per allied detachment.

As for order, you have the basics so its really up to you whether to go fun stuff then basics or vice versa, but I'd be inclined to agree with DarkMark. If nothing else, getting the battleforce first will give you loads of spare bits to play around with for future buys.

09-09-2013, 12:25
I'm pretty sure most of the DA bling is add on so you need to worry too much about it. Buying the DA BF gives you a 2 for 1 with the attack bike and speeder. However, If you don't fancy them then the two boxes of bikes may be better for you.

Forge World do packs of 5 heavy weapons which means you won't have to buy untold boxes of devastators to get, say, 5 missile launchers. Link (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/The_Horus_Heresy/Legiones_Astartes/Space_Marine_Legion_Army_List/LEGION_HEAVY_SUPPORT/Legion_Heavy_Support_Squad?filter_reset=1).

Be warned that if you don't dilute down your wolves with some regular vanilla marine bits you will go mad painting it! It does look cool, but it really, really adds to the painting time.

09-09-2013, 12:51
Thanks alot for the link and for the info.

I am so lost, there is so much to consider.
Ive been looking through my codex and I love the idea of a rogue Wolf priest, maybe with a jump pack, in a pack of fenrisian wolves, how cool would that be?!

I also like the idea of a wolf lord on thunderwolf, but I still want a storm talon, maybe some swiftclaws, or skyclaws, hmmmm I think i definitely want a wolf priest.


09-09-2013, 20:30
If it has Claws in the name, proxy it before you buy it. I tried out the skyclaws and swift claws when the new book came out and was a bit bummed. Now thunderwolves! Those are some awesome toys to play with! Then again, it is all preference. Now I prefer poop daemons riding giant puss flies.

In the end, all those crazy awesome sounding ideas you have. Try them, that is part of what makes this game so awesome. You can make your custom feral wolf priest who runs around with his pack! Lone wolves can be pretty awesome if you have a free elite slot and don't know what to do with some leftover points!

I would suggest downloading battlescribe and making some army lists you think you like the look of. Then focus on building those lists. Play with them and add as you go!

10-09-2013, 07:05
Bulk your troops out as a priority.
In many missions, Troops are your scoring units, so plenty of these gives you more flexibility.

I suggest a ratio of 2:1 in Grey Hunters to Blood Claws units. Although Grey Hunters are better all round, Blood Claws are there to break an enemy on the charge and are your best chance to take an objective from an enemy on the last turn.

Swiftclaws are one of the few units left that can take melta-bombs for everyone, makes them pricy - but imagine the look on your opponents face when you slap 5 melta-bombs on his prized tank!

Whilst Long Fangs are good static troops, don't neglect other options. I like to run a big unit of Blood Claws in a Land Raider Crusader, and Predators have a mobility advantage over Long Fangs.