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11-09-2013, 19:59
I've played warhammer for what feels like forever and love it. I have a few armies that are nearing completion (largest would be chaos) and it is time to start something new... I'm going to change it up this time around. I decided to do Daemons of chaos again. Why I say again? well I did the worst thing I've ever done in warhammer... Sold an army out of desperation.

That being said I'm going all in, I've set aside a large chunk of money (3 grand) that I have been saving for awhile, I will be going all in. the best models I can find, the best bases I can make. The best painting I can achieve. I need help though. as some of you know the GW daemons fall short is some areas - LOOKING AT YOU DAEMONETTS - I will be collection the best models I can find for this list... to give you and Idea for my soul grinder of Nurgle I will be getting this cute little guy...

Blood-Maw, Vore

Now that I've bored some of you my question...

I have the Fiend models from GW more than I think any other model... I want something nice to replace them and I've found a few that would work... I am asking some help and feedback from the comunitiy of what you think would make the best Fiends...

Thank you for taking the time to read. here is the list of models I'm reviewing - Note I will be using 6 of them in my army -


If you have any to add that would be great too.

again THANKS!

11-09-2013, 21:19
Out of those you listed I would take the teraph as a fiend. The swamp horror would be more fitting for DEs imo and altho the snake-like creatures would fit aswell I would go with the quadrupedal ones.

11-09-2013, 22:51
Teraph is the only one that says fiend to me.