View Full Version : HE 1800 point fun speed list.

13-09-2013, 05:53
Just making a fun speedy list. Normally i use a Shooty list with a large block of wl or pg with the everqueen and the botwd. but seems kinda cheezy lately. so wanted to mix it up a bit and use a more speedy in your face list. TEll me what you al think.

Price on a Griffon, Star LAnce, enchanted shield, and talisman of endurance, potion of str.
Level 2 HIGH mage, Barded Steed, dispell scroll, golden crown
Level 2 HIGH mage, Barded Steed, feedback scroll

10x Silver helms, full command with shields "1 mage here"
7x Dragon Princes, Drakemaster and Musician "other mage here"
5x Reavers, Bow and spear
5x Reavers, Bow and spear
Frost Phoenix
2x Bolt Throwers or 2 unit of 5 shadow warriors, or 1 unit of 10 shadow warriors, or the same 1x10 or 2x5 units of sisters?

Not a ton of models, but super fast and maneuverable, and should be fun with no cheesy you cant kill this unit death star with all my points in it.

13-09-2013, 23:19
I'd drop the Prince down to a Noble. I'd keep him fairly basic (Sword of might, Enchanted shield and Dragon armour) and probably give the Griffon ASF.

Two Mages aren't really nessicery so I'd drop the one with the Feedback scroll.

Silver Helms, Dragon Prince and Reavers look fine

I'd look at taking a couple of Eagles instead of Bolt Throwers as they fit with the theme better.


14-09-2013, 04:13
sadly i dont have any eagles yet. I used 2 mages because i can give a unit of sh and the dp's a little ward save to help their survivability.