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13-09-2013, 15:27
Not your traditional list of the moment but has a few nasties in it.

Basically all the main units have regen 4+/5+, four chaff units and a tough solo sorclord.

Basic tactics are to advance moderately close using the forsaken to destroy enemy chaff or small units and dogs to redirect. Chimeras take out opportunistic target like warmachines or tag along at the back ready to pounce over the top.

Sorclord sits behind the trolls(they need his ld) and along with festus buffs the army up bubble regen giving the marauder horde, trolls, 2 chimera and mutalith regen 4+/3+ then rip the enemy apart taking hardly any wounds back.

Hope that your enemy isn't chaos dwarfs or on fire...

Chaos Sorcerer Lord: Charmed Shield; Tormentor Sword; Flaming Breath; Talisman of Preservation; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Nurgle; Daemonic Mount (barding); Mark of Nurgle.

Exalted Hero: Battle Standard Bearer; Dawnstone; Sword of Striking; Enchanted Shield; Mark of Nurgle.
Festus the Leechlord

38 Chaos Marauders: Marauder Chieftain; Musician; Standard Bearer; Mark of Nurgle.
5 Forsaken
5 Forsaken
5 Chaos Warhounds: Vanguard.
5 Chaos Warhounds: Vanguard.

6 Chaos Trolls
Chimera: Flaming Breath; Regenerating Flesh.
Chimera: Flaming Breath; Regenerating Flesh.

Mutalith Vortex Beast

14-09-2013, 08:21
Problem is if your Marauders fail you have nothing left in your army with any sort of combat resolution or Steadfast. Not enough big troops in the army for todays grindfest warhammer. Nice theme though. I like it. Just don't except to crush everyone. You'll truly struggle against horde armies.