View Full Version : Questions about buying Raven Wing Battalion Boxes to use as White Scars

Lamont Cranston
13-09-2013, 16:45
So I was thinking about starting a White Scars army and I was looking at getting some of the Raven Wing Battleforces to get bikes cheaper. My questions is whether the little angel wing pieces on the bikes are separate and easy to just not attach, or do you have to cut them off? Also I noticed one of the riders is wearing a robe, is there anywhere that you can bits order a plain rider, or does the box by chance come with 6 plain bodies? Also are there any other issues that I would run into when buying these to use as White Scars?

Thanks for any advice you can offer,

13-09-2013, 16:55
The Ravenwing box contains 6 SM bikes sprues, 1 Attack Bike sprue and the old Land-Speeder sprues and then, seperately, 3 Ravenwing upgrade sprues.

You can absolutely assemble it all without even touching the upgrade sprues; possibly even sell the upgrade sprues on eBay.

Do be aware, though, that the Land Speeder sprue is an old one and doesn't contain all the options that are on the new land speeder sprue. Some, but not all, of the lost options are regained by using the Ravenwing upgrade sprue (but then you don't have a full upgrade sprue to eBay).