View Full Version : storm raven count as question

14-09-2013, 19:38
Feel free to tell me if it would be completely unacceptable but as i dislike the storm talon model and dont want to use its transport capacity anyway, what is the mininum i would have to do to a nephilim jetfighter body to make a playable 'counts as' for a storm raven.

14-09-2013, 19:43
Paint it, give it the right weapons and tell your opponent that it's a counts as Storm Raven. I wouldn't have a problem with you doing that.

Others may disagree and give you a million tips on how to convert it, but to me? If it's roughly in the same ball park, then fill your boots.

14-09-2013, 19:47
Well it comes with heavy bolsters, lascannons and missiles- so nothing!

Though I would look at trimming off the heavy bolsters and upgrading them with multi meltas
Or taking the heavy bolsters off completely and adding extra 'rocket pods' under the wings to represent TML.

This would give you a nice anti armour/ anti air unit.

Main issue is that you loose the use of the turret- particularly with the power of the machine spirit rule.

14-09-2013, 20:38
I dont mind losing the turret too much. My main concern really was whether it would be too small and cause accusations of modelling for advantage. I have never seen the two next to each other.

Its such a lovely model so might just give it a go